I [m26]met a [f28] on tinder. great sex but has a bf

So I matched with this chick on tinder the other day and we decided fuck it, let’s meet up and see if we clicked. We met up at a local bar for a few drinks and chat.

I was a little unsure at first because all of her pics were filtered to make her look way better than what she was and looked to be maybe 20 ish pounds heavier in person but I stayed just to give her the advantage of the doubt. After vibing for an hour at the bar and $50 worth of drinks later she says to me without missing a beat she’s gonna use the bathroom then suck my cock back at my place.

I said sure, sounds like fun. We headed out back to my place (cabbed it obviously) and when we walked into my place I offered her a drink and no shit… She looks at me and says “the only thing I want in my mouth is that dick. That outline in your sweats has been staring at me all night.”

We hit the bedroom and when I say this chick ate my cock I mean she ATE IT. I couldn’t peel this chick off my cock even if I wanted to. Forcing her face into me over and over. Grabbing and fondling my balls the whole time too. I think she only came up for air a handful of times.

After a while I told her to pull her skirt up and hop on she looked at me and asked if I was sure? Bitch are you serious right now?? U just literally ate my cock like it was ur last meal on earth, fuck yea I want you on-top. She gave some excuse about not feeling fresh or shaved and I told her I didn’t care.

The funny thing was she wasn’t even wearing panties. She hopped on and slid my dick into her and god that feeling was amazing. Nice and warm, and fit me perfectly. She looked at me when she sat down on it completely and said “I feel you in my stomach. This chick should have an award for dick riding. I’ve been with quite a few girls and the mostly just grind or just bounce. This chick was literally twerking on my dick, doing the scoop motion and grinding!

I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her in and started fuckin her from underneath cause holy fuck I just had too after that performance. As soon as I did, instant soak city.

I put this chick in so many positions and made her take me over and over. She was so dick drunk I could literally get away with anything. Pulling her hair, grabbing her neck in doggy to force her head back, grabbing and slapping her tits and ass. She was hella kinky.

After several different positions and a soaked bed I was gunna cum. I told her i was close and were she wanted it. As deep as u can put it, that’s exactly what I did. I filled her and my first cum shot triggered another orgasm for her.

I got off of her, both covered in sweat. We just lay on the bed for a bit. I asked if she needed anything afterwards and i did get her a towel and a drink(non-alcoholic). I found it super funny/hot when she pushed out a lot of cum from inside her and wiped it off.

We got dressed again and had one more drink before she gave me her snapchat and took off. She did tell me that I can only message her on weekends cause her bf is home weekdays. I asked her if she’s gunna get caught or if it’s okay and she tells me word for word “my bf doesn’t fuck me often and it’s not even close to how hard you just fucked me.”

I tell her as long as I don’t get involved im good. She took off and a few minutes go by… She texted me if there’s a next time for us to get some plan b. I told her okay and after some messaging back and forth I wished her a goodnight.

TL;DR: picked up a tinder chick, had some drinks and fucked back at my place. Learned she had a bf that doesn’t pay attention to her and to pick up plan b in the future for future fucking.

NSFW: yes

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