I M23had one of the best ONS ever with F19 at that time

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This story goes back 1year but i’d like to distribute it.

It was a night where me and my friends decided to go out to a nightclub just to have a good time together, a boys party evening like everyone knows.we arrived at 10PM, we danced, we partied, we drank and smoked cigarettes. It was a party like all the time. At around 3AM we were just randomly dancing when 2 girls were dancing next to our group. It happened all naturally and we started to form a circle where everyone was dancing and laughing and chatting with eachother. I started chatting with one of the girls (lets name her Emily) she was a small blonde with curly hair, nosepiercing wearing a small red croptop and long jeans, my buddy started chatting with the other one. she told me her nam I told her mine. She asked me where I lived but I live in a small city that nobody knows except for one big shopping center laying in the city. So I said “you probably don’t know it but I live there”. She said ‘ohhh by the shopping center’. We laughed as she knew where it was and she told me she had friends in the city, we chatted and chatted and suddenly a guy comes standing right behind her. They begin kissing and I looked at her like my chance was passing in front of my face. She told me she didn’t have a boyfriend so I was confused to. The guy went away and I said ‘I wondered you didn’t have a boyfriend?’. ‘I don’t’ she said ‘I just met the guy he came up on me and he’s drunk and annoying so I just kissed him to shut up’. I have to admit I don’t really care If I fucked her it would be a ONS after all so I just laughed and continued the chatting.

The evening ended and at 5AM my friends mom would pick us up from the party. I shared my Snapchat with the girl cuz I know I would fuck her in any way efficient.

The following week we chatted back and forth everyday. We decided to meetup in the weekend. She lived alone in a small apartment 20mins away. I got to her apartment at 20PM on a saturday evening. We chatted, smoked cigarettes talked about smoking weed. We had fun. We watched movies and series and went on all night long. We kissed and cuddles, but there was no sex yet. I started to question myself if there would be any, not to be rude, I had a great time anyway cuz to be fair I enjoyed the business and the fun I had with her too. We stayed up all night and in the morning i would have my train back home. At around 6AM we decided to move from the couch to her bedroom, that’s where the magic happened immediately. We stared kissing and cuddling and Emily started to unbuckle my belt, pulling down my pants. What happened was me getting the maybe the best glock glock I ever had, she deepthroated my dick so deep into her throat she gagged multiple times. I’m not that big but not that small too just average sized. She gagged and tears started to roll down her cheaks, as she continued, i held her head and started pushing it deeper and deeper into her tiny mouth. I was almost bout to cum but I decided not to. I grabbed her and flipped her over, pulled down her pants and started eating her pussy like it was my last meal. I licked her clit and fingered her G spot so hard she came after about 30 seconds, but i decided not to stop. I went on and tried to make her cum another time. It went for 2minutes till she came again screaming out my name with ‘OMG YES’ behind it. I said ‘are you ready to take this now?’ she couldn’t speak, she just nodded yes. I flipped her over in doggystyle and fucked the living shit out of her, with small pauses in betweern cuz I was bout to nut so hard at this point. I fucked her and fucked her, till she shouted ‘IM BOUT TO CUM AGAIN’ I pulled her hair back leaned forward to her ear while I was pounding her and whispered “then do it, i know you want it, cum for me as hard as you can’ she screamed, and creamed all over my cock, pounding inside her tight small pussy.
I was just seconds from cumming so I flipped her over and said ‘where you want it?’. ‘Inside me’ she said moaning and gasping for air. I pounded her for another 20seconds and sprayed her pussy full with cum. We laid down and laughed ‘that was good’ she said. I just nodded, exhausted and empty.

We cleaned ourselfs and I headed to the trainstation, no time for romantic aftersex but I promised her to go back, and I did. It’s been a year now since we last spoke but goddamn it was fantastic.

NSFW: yes

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