I (m23) sucked off a catfish after he threatened to expose me

Back when I was 19, I was still a virgin and feeling the pressure to lose it as quickly as feasible. Because of this I would hop on all the different dating applications, sex sites, Omegle, etc. eventually finding someone on tinder who I wondered seemed interesting.

At the time I wasn’t fully aware of all the catfishing techniques and fell for a fake live picture on Snapchat as proof they were real. After that, I fell all in and send nudes and risqué texts before the guy said “you’re an idiot and if you don’t want these leaked, you’re gonna do what I say”

He demanded that I meet up with him and suck him off and if I did that he would delete the pics. He showed me examples of how he exposed other people and how he wasn’t kidding and would put their names with it.

So reluctantly, I agreed to meet him at a nearby red roof inn where he made me get fully naked and suck him off three times before he deleted the photos in front of me.

It was so degrading and actually meant I sucked dick before getting a girl to suck mine

NSFW: yes


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