i m22 in a wheelchair fucked my neigbour f38 – Short Sex Story

So i all the time knew that my neigbour was a bit of a slut. She had alot of boyfriends and she cheated on her husband a while back. But she is still smoking hot i all the time wanted to fuck her but with my wheelchair i didnt think it would work. That was until i started to talk with her daughter who is also very hot. We started texting and i came over to watch tv with her and her mother alot. It wasnt romantic we were/are just friends.

One day she asked me to come over again i agreed but then her boyfriend texted her asking if she can pick him up from work wich is a 40 minute drive. She left but asked me if i could stay i agreed and it was now just me and my neigbour. We didnt say much at first but then she started asking me quistions about girls and it slowly led to her asking me about sex. I told her i didnt know how things would work but that everything still works so i could still have sex. She kept asking some more and suddenly she asked me if i wanted to try it with her. Me being the at the time 19 year old horny guy i of course agreed. We first made out a bit and she then got to work. She helped me get my pants off and she jerked me off. Nothing really happened but it did feel amazing. After maybe 6 minutes of me not getting fully hard she decided to use her mouth. Of course my cock got rock hard from that. She blew me for a bit and since it was my first time that i got so hard and horny after years i couldnt hold it in for long. I came down her troath and slowly turned soft. Sadly thats when my parents called me asking were i was because they were gonna my aunt and i promised to come with a few weeks before. Now i dont have my neigbours number we are friends on facebook and we have been messeging a bit mostly about how much we both loved what we did and of course how we arr gonna keep doing it. Tbh i have no clue how we can keep it a secret i do like her alot and i really want to do more with her.

If people have any ideas on how i cam come over to her without her daughter being home or maybe some good excused please let me know

NSFW: yes

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