I [M20] made out with my father’s cousin [F29] while our family were around.

True story.
I already know a lot of people are gonna give me shit about this and down vote this but I need to confess. Let’s be honest.
I’m 27 now. This was 7 years ago, I was 20 and I think she was 29.
I know what you’re thinking, how can my father’s cousin be 29?
My grandfather has a little brother who got married really late and she is his youngest daughter. That’s why.
Back then our grandparents used to have a BIG old house in the woods that had lots of rooms. And everyone used to come to family gatherings. My grandparents had 5 kids. 3 sons and 2 daughters. Imagine all of them with their spouses hanging out and sleeping over for a few days, sometimes a whole week. Each couple has two kids, so there were ten of us kids in the house. We were all either teenagers or elementary kids. The house had 6 rooms, my grandparents slept in the big one. The other 5 were given to my father and his siblings with their spouses. Naturally the kids had to sleep on the couches or on the floor with mattresses. Now that you have a bit of an understanding about the place. About us, we kids saw each other 6 or 7 times per year and 4 of us were really close in age. I was 20, the others were 19, 18 and 16. That night there was a giant party in the house. Not only all the kids were in the house but a lot of distant relatives and extended family were visiting and after a ton of alcohol and food they decided to stay the night. Guess what, the guests had to sleep on the couches and mattresses because the rooms were taken and we were all jammed tightly on the floor next to each other.
That night, after everyone went to sleep and drunk adults were snoring all around us. As we were laughing and joking together, my father’s cousin showed up with a pillow and a blanket to distribute the mattress that was mine. In Europe the drinking age is not 21 like in the US so I had had 2 or 3 beers and I was a little bit tipsy. After everyone went silent, I turned around and saw that she was still awake and staring at me. I could smell the alcohol in her breath. Then she started to caress my face and told me how pretty I was. Told me that I grew up so fast and that I’m a man now. She said you know that you can talk to me about anything. I am more experienced than you and I have been confused like you before. I said thank you, you’re very sweet and kind and stuff like that. Then I turned around to avoid the conversation. Tomorrow she kept asking me about high-school and my friends, where do I hang out and do I smoke trees and party. Again night came and she said do I mind if she sleeps next to me? I said it’s OK. While everyone went to sleep we kept talking she told me about school and how much fun it’ll be. Again she had that unfocused look in her eyes, drunk. As she was talking to me she was under my blanket, told me she couldn’t discover any blanket. Again she started telling me how gorgeous I am and what a great catch I’ll be at school. Then all of a sudden without any warning she just planted a kiss on me. Being a 20 year old boy I just lay there and took it.
I remember her mouth tasted really bad, a mixture of wine, garlic and cigarettes.
But still I was hard as an iron bar from kissing her. I kinda leaned away to hide my boner, I don’t know why but I was ashamed of my hard dick. She whispered in my ear, don’t be shy love, I can help you with that. And as she said that she grabbed my dick and started to stroke it while she was kissing me. My left hand was holding down the blanket but with my right hand I was playing with her boobs. I am not sure, I didn’t look at a clock or something but I don’t think I even lasted a minute. I came so fast. As I was Cuming in my pants, she said, I told you I know what I’m doing!
After a few minutes of making out while my semi soft dick was in her hand. I was hard again. She said, oh I’m flattered or sth like that. This time she turned around and started to grind her butt against me. All of this was done in quiet. There were people sleeping all around us. Snoring. She pulled down her panties and guided my hard dick wet from my own cum, inside her. Oh it felt good, I moaned a little bit and bam, she hit me with her elbow, whispered hush. I whispered sorry. I started to fuck her hot pussy. This time I lasted longer. I think I fucked her for 5 minutes or something like that. Again, I didn’t look at a clock, maybe it was 15 minutes, I don’t know. As I was fucking her I was holding her right boob in my right hand. Me being a stupid hormonal 20 year old, I came inside her. Looking back on it, it could have ruined my life. After we were done, she turned around and kissed me again and I was making out and playing with her boobs for another 5 minutes.
Then she told me this never happened. And to go to sleep now. She kept playing with my hair as I was very sleepy like all guys are after sex. Tomorrow she turned really cold towards me. I didn’t figure out why. I tried to get her into an empty room to make out but she avoided me.
Next when I was packing my bag to leave, she pulled me apart and said, you have my number, if are ever in town call me.
I did call her a few times more. Then she got married and I haven’t seen her since the marriage.

NSFW: yes

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  1. steveo02134

    Fucking hot story!! My only suggestion, edit with some paragraphs…it’s hard to read in one big block. I made the same mistake on my first couple confessions.

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