I [M] had my very first Thai massage. And gave Chaluai [F] an unwanted facial.


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First of all, I never really wondered much about having a Thai massage until last weekend. And thank god I decided to do it, because it was one of the most unexpected sexual experiences I had with a stranger so far.

I really work a lot and my job is taking up a large part of my life. So I am at all times stressed, limited private life, etc.… you know. Some while ago a friend of mine told me about him having such sort of massages on a regular basis and how relaxing it was. Did I miss out something? So I decided to give it a shot and searched for places in my city that have good ratings on Google. I didn’t want to go some shady or dirty shack.

I found a place and booked a massage with Chaluai – a small, gorgeous and fit Thai woman in her mid twenties. When I arrived she took my hand an showed me a warm and nicely decorated room with lots of smooth light that came through the white, opaque curtains. A nice place. I instantly felt well and knew that this was gonna be an intense experience.

Chaluai asked me politely to undress while she prepared the massage bench for me. And her decent Thai accent made her even more cute. So this is where the whole experience began – it kinda turned me on to get naked in front of this gorgeous stranger, knowing she’ll make me cum with her hands at the end of this. Boy, I had no idea!
When I was completely naked she smiled at me and asked if I’d like her to be naked as well. Who am I to say no? So she slowly took off her top and skirt while at all times remaining deep eye contact. She didn’t even wear underwear in the first place.

She said “lie down, we’ll have a good time” and smiled while slightly biting her lip. What a cute and gorgeous woman she was. She didn’t even begin yet and I was semi hard. Chaluai dripped warm oil on my chest, stomach, genitals and legs – she rubbed her small hands and started to spread the oil all over my body. She moved her hands and touched all my body parts so professionally that I had to concentrate not to moan out loud right from the begin. Seriously, it was damn intense! She started at my chest and slowly worked her way down to my (rock) hard cock and began to move her hand slowly up and down – It. Felt. Amazing.

She at all times looked me in the eyes while she was jerking my cock – fast, slow, harder, softer. Chaluai massaged my body and cock for at least twenty minutes, when she slowly moved with one hand down to my butthole and started to make slow circular movements with her forefinger. Her other hand was jerking my cock. So now we are talking!
I couldn’t hold it any longer and started to moan. When she noticed that I liked what she was doing Chaluai began to slide the tip of her finger into my butt – each time a little bit deeper. This gorgeous young woman was looking at me, smiling while she was fingering my butt with one hand and jerking my cock with her other. I had this situation many times before with my girlfriends, but this was a woman I met 30 minutes ago and this made it different and more intense.

Now here comes the “Happy End”:
While she was pleasuring me she bent over and came so close to my hard cock that I could feel her breath on the tip of my cock. Warm an smooth. She blew and blew her hot breath on my cock until I felt this massive orgasm about to happen in a couple of moments.
3, 2, 1….. I moaned out loud, her gaze met mine and that’s when I came so hard that I shot my enormous cum load so high, it sprayed all over her face. I gave this poor young woman a gigantic facial – absolutely unexpected. She was so surprised that she shouted out loud. It kinda seemed like she didn’t really know if she should laugh or asap run to the bathroom and wash it all of her face. She then slowly pulled her finger out of my butthole and went to the bathroom. I remained lying there, recovering from this immense orgasm I just had. Woah.

At first I wondered I wouldn’t be able to come back here after this accident, but in fact I have an appointment with Chaluai the weekend after next. 🙂 She wasn’t mad at all. And the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe she even wanted it to happen…..

Wondered this was a story worth sharing and worth a read. Have a great weekend.

PS: try a Thai massage yourself. It’s great.

NSFW: yes

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