I [M] fucked my best friend (Dreams come true)

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I really enjoy reading stories in here. Now it’s my first time I can distribute a story that happened a few days ago. Before I begin with the story, you need to know some background information in order to enjoy it the most.

Im a male and we are both around 25 years old. We are very good friends for about 10 years now. We met in college for the first time. At this time, I was not that much attracted by her although she was at all times that sort of girl every boy wanted.. slim, sporty, long hair, gorgeous face and a character with a lot of kindness but I never had any sexual feelings for her as I’m so much in love with big boobs and asses.

Luckily, things changed.. Over the past years she got extremly curvy. Her tits are EU size “D” and absoluty my thing. I could play with them all day all night long. I also did, but just in my fantasy or in dreams. I was at all times scared telling her my real feelings as I started to fall in love with her over the last 3-4 years since she got chubby.

At the start of the year we had a casual friends meeting. We were chilling next to each other in my living room. I saw her using Snapchat and saw naked photos of her. I was like, Hey what are you doing over there? I don’t know any more details about the conversation then but not a minute later, I got her phone in my hands looking at all those different naked pictures of herself she sent some dudes to make them horny.

Can you find out my feeling? Im lying next to a girl that is so super attractive to me, seeing her sending nudes I at all times wanted to other boys. It hurt. But at the same time, it was so amazing to see her that way.

A few weeks later, I tried to convince her to send me those pictures, too. Damn, I never received them.

Now we can begin with the story that happened this week. She wrote me a message saying: Hey how r u? Can I use this picture for instagram? (It was a picture of her in the woods by a professional photograph)

I told her: Its awesome! But you too much clothes on there..

Then she replied that she wants to show them to me personally.

I was like: Hahaha, ok. Don’t play with me. I hate irony.

She: No, no. Im serious about that.

I couldn’t believe what I was just reading. We continued chatting for a few hours and next day, we met.

When she arrived at my home, I went straight into the sexual topic. Asked her about what we have written yesterday.

Listening to her saying “I want sex with you, but just friends with benefits” – well, it was like heaven. I was so fucking horny already. I guess she already saw my dick getting bigger and bigger through my trousers.

I asked her about which positions she prefers, whether she likes getting licked, giving blowjobs and whether intensive kissing is a part of sex for her. She told me she likes doggy and missionary the most. Well, I also do. What a good match.

She also likes giving blowjobs and getting licked. – Hell yeah! I want to explore every part of you and your body. I’m in.

Kissing? Yeah for sure.

At this moment I felt like the luckiest person alive. Really, having sex with her was my dreams for years now and today all should happen? –> Noo!! I still could not realisize!

After we talked, we went cooking. As we started to cook, things started getting hotter and hotter.

Then it was time for action. We finished eating and I got closer to her. She told me she prefers my bed. Ok, so we went to my bedroom.

First of all, I took off her bra and started playing with her tits. Man, never ever I got such perfect tits (personal preference) in my hands. Taking of her panties and seeing her pussy the first time made me so so horny. Her pussy was very nice looking (small labia which I prefer) and I started licking her. And man I definetly can say that she absolutely loved it. She moans without inhibition. Her eyes were closed. She enjoyed.

After that, she grabbed my dick and sucked it. It was OK.. I don’t enjoy blowjobs that much, I really prefer licking or having sex. But I wanted her to do anything with me she wants. Then, we had sex for 10 minutes. I know 10 minutes are not long, but I felt like a hero. I wondered “she will make me cum in 30 seconds”.

After our action, we contiuned chilling in my living room for 2 hours and she left.

I think this won’t be the last time we met for sex. Man, am I alive or dreaming since weeks?

Guess what I’m doing right now.. Yeah, I’m already talking with her about our next meeting.

If you are interested in the followings events, let me know 🙂

NSFW: yes

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