I love watching you rape

I love seeing you gently overpower them, strip off their clothes. How you patiently ignore their whines and crying and whimpers and just enjoy them physically.

I love how rigid and erect you get when you approach them, ready to enter and penetrate.

I love how sweetly indifferent you are to them; you don’t hit them, or abuse them apart from using them sexually. You don’t try to please them or mock them or tease them. It’s like they’re not even there, apart from the sex you can get from their bodies.

I love how you position them under you, pinning them down, holding them there while you thrust in their holes.

it’s fun helping you discover them. Sometimes it’s ones that you know, sometimes ones that I know. Sometimes we go out together and discover someone to bring back for you to use selfishly. It’s exciting knowing what you’re gonna do with them.

I love seeing the pleasure on your face when you cum inside them and the misery on theirs as they figure out you’re pulsing your sperm into their most personal places.

It’s so wickedly fun when you use their asses. They get that shocked, frightened look on their face when they know that you’re gonna do that. Then it turns into agony, disgust as you violate them in such a personal, intimate, unwanted way, stretching them out uncomfortably. You have all the fun, fully at their expense, with no pleasure in it for them at all.

I love the pathetic unhappy whining when you come back to them to rape them again the second time. And again, and again, and again. They cry as you shove and pump in their sloppy, cum-filled holes, making rude sucking sounds as they leak your semen.

NSFW: yes

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