I love escorts – Short Sex Story

I love linking up with escorts. It’s gives me a bit of a rush. I love thinking about her and what we’ll do while I’m driving to her place. I get so fucking hard and I have to get control of myself. I really like it when they take requests. I all the time have just 1 request; that she wears either stockings or knee high socks. I prefer the stockings, I’m not not sure what it is but seeing her in stockings turns me on so much. Sometime I’ll hook up with her, sometimes I’ll pleasure myself while I watch her do the same. I love to cum on her tits or ass. One girl let me cum on her face and it was amazing. There’s not many escorts in my town, I usually have to go a few towns over. But there’s this one girl here and she’s so thick and beautiful. I love squeezing her ass as I hit it from behind. She gets so wet and I absolutely love every minute of it. I wanna know what y’all think about escorts.

NSFW: yes

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