I lost my virginity to my twin brother, sort of. – Short Sex Story

As you can probably tell from the title, I have a twin brother. We were best friends growing up. We did everything together, we shared secrets with each other and we never fought, not once. We were never attracted to each other THAT WAY if you know what I mean but we made a pact on our 18th birthday. If we were both Virgins on our 21st birthday, we’d take each other’s virginities.

As you can probably guess, we were both still virgins come our 21st birthday. We didn’t have a party as our 21st happened during the Covid lockdowns but did have a nice family meal together at home with our younger sister and parents.

That night I entered his room and asked him if he remembered the pact we made on our 18th. “How could I forget” he said. “How are we going to do this?” i asked. “Right here, right now and it’ll be quick”. “Sounds good” I replied.

We both too our pantses off and laid beside each other on the bed. It was weird seeing my brother half nude beside me (not as weird as having my own brother in me haha) and I’m guessing he wondered the same. “Who’s on top” he asked. I said I would as it’d probably be easier to get if in as I heard missionary can be quite difficult for first timers.

I positioned myself above him and asked him if he was ready. “Do as you must” he says. It took a few minutes of trying to guide his dick to the hole but I finally managed to discover it. Also, that was my first time ever touching a dick and it was weird. He must’ve been watching porn before I arrived as he was already hard. Anyway, I positioned his dick to my vagina and moved downwards sliding it in. It felt really weird, a good weird physically, a weird weird mentally since I now had my brother’s sick inside me. I moved up and down for a few seconds before backing away and laying down beside him. “I guess we’re no longer virgins” I said to him. “I guess not” he replied. “How was it for you?” I asked. He said it was very warm and wettish. He asked me if I was interested in watching a movie with him so I ran downstairs, put on some popcorn, filled two bowls and we watched “Jack & Jill” on Netflix.

NSFW: yes

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