I lost it and i ended up fcking 7 strangers in 2 days [26F]

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I started Friday afternoon around 2:00 when I met a handsome man who was a real estate agent at a coffee shop. He drove me to a fancy house he was showing. There was no furniture or anything in the house and we went in the closet and locked the door. He had a great cock and gave it to me nice and hard (just how I like it). The house was a historic home and when we tried to get out we found out the hard way that the expensive crystal doorknob was broken. Fortunately he was able to climb through a window and unlock it from the outside. That was quite the adventure to begin off my day. After that we hit a local bar for a drink or two and he had to go back to work.

At the bar he dropped me off at I met guy number 2. I was wearing a short denim skirt and a tight tank top with no bra or panties for easy access and to make it obvious what I was looking for. We had a few more drinks before I was in the backseat of his car in the parking lot with my legs spread and his cock deep inside of me. After he finished with me I was a little drunk and hungry (sex at all times makes me hungry) so I walked down the street to a restaurant to grab a bite. The place was super crowded and I was getting creeped on by some ugly guy at the bar who kept invading my personal space so I ate quick and called an Uber to head to a hotel bar downtown.

At the hotel bar I quickly started getting hit on by the staff. I met another cute guy who had a room there and happily went up to his room. I quickly dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and started sucking. Within minutes he had me on my hands and knees on his bed giving it to me hard from behind and telling me what a dirty slut I was. I love being degraded and called names and I came several times while he pounded my pussy.

Once he was finished I still wasn’t done so I left him in his room and headed back downstairs to the bar. In retrospect I should have asked to use his shower to rinse off but I was both dick drunk and alcohol drunk and I’m not at all times the smartest even when I’m sober. The bar wasn’t very busy and one of the bartenders who hit on me earlier started getting flirty again and I mentioned to him it was too bad he was working because I would love to hook up with him. He ended up taking me to a back hallway and letting me suck him, which quickly turned into him fucking me right then and there. I’m honestly surprised no one caught us because I can be quite loud. It was probably a good thing the bar staff was all men. Maybe he told them what he was doing.

By now it was about 10:00 PM and I was feeling sticky from sweat and quite drunk so I decided to head home and get some sleep.

Woke up the next afternoon hung over and got some food and by around 9:00 PM I decided to rally for another round of stranger sex so I caught an Uber to my favorite sports bar up the road. It was busy and I had no trouble getting hit on again. None of the guys were spectacular and all were average to small size, but hey, even guys with average cocks need to cum right?

Here the first guy fucked me in the bathroom. The next two spread my legs in their cars in the parking lot. I headed home around 1:30 AM drunk and a little sore but well fucked and with another 7 cocks to add to my growing list of men I’ve let use me.

Hope you enjoy reading about my slutty adventures half as much as I enjoy having them. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon so I’m sure I’ll have more stories for this sub in the future.

NSFW: yes


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