I let the Groom Hate Fuck me while wearing her Wedding dress [23F]

I was supposed to be a bridesmaid for my friend Sarah’s wedding. She was supposed to marry David, a really great guy, and pretty good looking too. But Sarah winded up cheating on David, during their engagement. They tried to work through it, but couldn’t. And eventually called off the wedding and broke up.

It’s been a little while since the breakup, that I randomly ran into David. Hey, I’m sorry that happened, sucks all around. You deserve better, etc… Stuff like that. And we just chatted, and there’s some chemistry brewing between us. It’s more physical attraction than anything, but still.

After a couple of casual meet ups, I talked to Sarah. Explained that I ran into David. Hey, is this cool? I’ll stop if this is too weird. I’m sort of wanting her blessing. Yeah, apparently Sarah is over him and has just moved on herself. You do you babe, I’m good to go.

So David and I go on a few dates. That chemistry? Yeah, not really boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Just physical attraction, which we were cool with. So we wind up sleeping with each other. And fucking, like non-stop. We were both very kinky, so we very much sexually compatible.

Anyways, we’re in this fuck buddy relationship thing. One day, he’s over my place. For whatever reason, I’m looking through my closet, finding something kinky to wear for him. And we both stumble upon Sarah’s bridal dress. She had given it to me, in the breakup aftermath. We had simliar body types, and she didn’t want anything to do with it. I’m like, WTF am I gonna do with this, so I just kept in my closet.

Anyways, we discover her dress, Hey now. That’s kinky as shit, and a little sadist. We’re both like, why the fuck not. So I doll myself up a little more, put on the bridal dress, some kinky bridal lingerie underneath. And yeah we just went at it.

I have to admit, I wasn’t prepared on what happened next. David just turned into this fucking animal. This beast of a man. Like something was unleashed. He was very strong, assertive, demeaning. Misogynist. He pulled my hair harder, choked me tighter, slapped my ass, fucked me faster. I was almost a deer in headlights, so I was completely overwhelmed and manhandled. I remember facing my mirror, getting fucked doggstyle from behind. I can see my face, and his face. And my eyes just rolled back. Fuck, this is was sex is supposed to be like.

David finished with the most glorious and creamy facial on my face. I came so hard when he was dick slapping my face, it was incredible.

After the fucking, we’re lying on the bed. And I’m like, Whoa, where did that come from. That’s when David basically admitted that he was thinking about Sarah. And he got off on hate fucking me. One of her bridesmaids, wearing her dress. Fuck. That’s kinky as fuck. He wanted to get revenge on Sarah, and he’s hate fucking me to get off.

So that sort of became our thing. This bridal hate fuck kink. I’m absolutely egging him on, playing this up. Begging him to fuck me. Showing up wearing white lingerie. Telling him about the wedding plans. And each time, he’s hate fucking me. Like into oblivion. The pounding he’s giving me, is ruining me for other men, it’s crazy.

Sarah did ask me how things are going with David. I remember I’m on the phone with her. Getting dressed in a hotel. I’m putting on this white dress, getting ready to meet David downstairs for drinks and stuff. I’m literally gonna get hate fucked by the groom, while he’s thinking about her. “Oh, babe, it’s okay. No romance, it’ll eventually fizzle out”

Eventually it did fizzle out. There’s only so many different methods you can bring up a wedding. And like I said, there wasn’t any boyfriend/girlfriend material underneath all the sex. Sarah’s wedding dress got ruined along the way. All the cum, sweat, and just general sex acts wear and tear. So did my bridemaids dress. I cannot tell you how many stockings I went through. But yeah, I never realized how weddings are both romantic and kinky.

NSFW: yes

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