I let my son see his mom naked

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I usually woke up before my wife and deal with breakfast. That night we had sex and she was jus wearing her nighty with no panties. She looked so sexy like that and I pulled the bottom of her nighty to expose her ass to take couple pics. After I took the photos I left her exactly like in the photos and head towards to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

As I was going I remembered my son was home and he usually gets up for work early. I wasn’t into taboo or incest this much before I found out my daughter was doing O.F. (maybe a story for another time) and I left the bedroom door wide open and his room is end of the hallway. So when he wakes up he needs to past our bedroom.

My original plan was like I said when he wakes up he passes the bedroom and sees her and her bare ass and holes. But when preparing breakfast I noticed I needed to go to the store for pick up some things. Then it hit me.

I went to my son’s room opened his door and called him to wake up and tell him “come to the kitchen” After like 10 min he was in the kitchen and I am sure he saw his mom in that position. I told him he needs to go to the store and pick up some things. Like every fucking kid he didn’t want to but I used my dad voice lol.

So he went to his room to wear some shirt and passed our room again and again when he is coming back to the kitchen. He asked for money and I said my wallet is in the bedroom go bring it so I can give you money. He said oh come on can you just go get it (thats when I knew he 100% saw his mom in her glory) I said no I’m cooking go get it.

We don’t live in a fucking palace or something. Maximum amount of time you would spent for going one room to another is like 30 seconds. He didn’t come back for like solid 4-5 minutes. After he went to the store I went to the bedroom to check and I think he tried to be discreet but I found one drop of wetness at the edge of the bed sheets where my wife was laying, one on the floor and one on the bed frame.

I don’t know if he did because it was his mom or because he just saw a pussy and ass.

NSFW: yes

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