I let my guy friends use me


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I’ve got a few close friends and they’re all guys, I’ve pretty much become the cum dump of our friendship group and ngl I love it. It started off with just one at first, he split up with his gf and I comforted him in the best way I knew how (by sucking his dick :P) the second guy I hooked up with while really drunk a few weeks later. It then became known to the third friend what we had all done and he felt left out so I fucked him too haha. It just sort of continued from there, and now im fucking all 3 regularly. They all have different fetishes so sex is all the time different and exciting. Our group chat has basically become a dirty discussion for who gets a turn on me that night. The sex is amazing and I really get off on being used like a little slut.

NSFW: yes

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