I let my ex watch as I’m (20F) being fucked by my new bf. I hope he regrets letting me go

So awhile ago I got a message from a dude wondering if he could watch me get pounded… then he liked the idea of my female fwb getting involved. At the end it didn’t really work out with the stranger. Oh well, so my bf asked me if my ex bf would be interested.

(they get along well, they play those texting games like pool and chess)

I asked him if him and his gf would be interested in joining me, my bf, fwb, & fwb’s gf in some group stuff. They were okay with it

I asked if they were okay with also just watching any of us do it. The gf wanted to see me and my fwb get at it (so did my ex and bf).

When time came for us all to meet, fwb’s gf wasn’t feeling well. So they both we’re out :(, ex’s gf didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of another man. She’s now out

Basically leaving; me (f20) bf (M21) ex (M21)

Ex’s gf did give him the okay to have some fun.

I’m sending this to them… so I wish she joined she’s really pretty (and got nice personality, if you get what I mean)

**fun part** (sex)

All 3 of us are just sitting around my bedroom waiting for someone to make a move.

I know my ex said he just wanted to watch, but everyone else said it’s alright to play soo… I move over to the chair in the corner and sit in his lap.

(It’s kinda a big chair) I face him, my back is facing my bf. Started grinding on his lap and took off my shirt as sexually I could take off a oversized anime shirt. I then waved my bf over and we started making out, then bf took off my bra so he could play with my tits.

Bf picks me (can’t move any furniture to save his life, but pick my ass up he can do) and plops me on the bed. He begins to help me take off my jeans and belt, I can still feel on my side where he playfully hit my with my belt before dropping it 🤤. After taking my pants he being by running his two fingers around my backdoor and into my pussy. He was playing around till I got wet and he took my panties off.

(Btw I’m sitting at end of my bed, ex is sitting in a chair looking directly at me)

He began to give me head. Omg I don’t know what happened if it was the fact I was being watch or looking into my exs eyes as my bf was down there, best head of my life. I came like 3 maybe 4 times.

He moved to the top of the bad so my ex could see my backside when I was giving my bf head. My bfs is so gentle and pleasant when he needs to be and this was one those times. Loved the feeling of his cock throbbing against my tongue, chocking on his cock, his cum rolling down my throat. It just gave my whole body shivers. It would make any good a stupid bimbo slut toy like me.

My bf came again on my face and tits. Turned me so my ex could see my face all covered in sweat and cum and tears

(My bf put on a condom) he started teasing me with a butplug. Eventually sticking it in. He then began to fuck my brains out. The only thing my slut brain though to do was to hold my tongue out and closing my eyes trying to invite my ex to use my slut body.

Then we moved into cowgirl & reverse cowgirl, I know my bf thinks my friends boobs are bigger but I think he still like to watch mine jiggle, so does my ex.

Oh god we had tons of fun. Wish my ex could joined and mostly wished his gf came along to watch the show (really want to bury my head in her mega pillows lol)

My bf had fun, btw anyone wondering my current bf is better then my ex. Lol, I think he knows….

Sorry this was so long

NSFW: yes

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