I let my brothers friends take turns on me and they all nutted in me and in my ass *real story

My brother was taking a shower I was chilling and he had 2 friends over, i go to the kitchen in a thong on purpose LOL and one of his friends said damm you gotta fat ass please can we fuck and ofc I found them attractive that’s why I went out in a thong, so I’m like yes both of y’all hurry before he gets out so I got a bbc in my mouth and a big Mexican dick in my pussy and I’m moaning uncontrollably I love being a slut anyways so then the Mexican dick ended up nuting in my fat juicy ass and it felt so goood I love anal and then the bbc nutted in my pussy and I enjoyed every bit of it and my brother never found out *this was recorded if your intrested

NSFW: yes

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