I let my boss fuck me for a promotion! [26F]

Anyway. Two years ago I was due for a promotion at my job. Should have gotten it six months prior but there were “budget issues” so I was concerned that when evaluations came around again I would be passed over. My suspicions were correct. My manager hinted that I probably wouldn’t receive the promotion.

Anyway we had a holiday party coming up at my bosses house. I didn’t want to go bc I hate those things. So I went and everyone was friendly the party was fun but I noticed my bosses boss eyes on my ass. It was obvious he liked what he saw so I flirted with him a little and he was super receptive. I decided to be bold and ask him could we speak alone and he told me he doesn’t normally talk company outside of work hours but he is making an exception.

We stepped into another room. And I asked abt the promotion he said he would thinking abt it. I asked him if there was anything I could do to convince him, decided to be bold and grabbed him since he was already staring at my tits. Also this guy had a reputation for sleeping with his workers. He was so hard. I rubbed him a little over his pants and he smiled found a chair and sat down. Told me it couldn’t hurt and to lock the door. Locked it. And pulled his cock out. I teased him with the tip of my tongue at first and circled his head before letting my tounge trace his shaft up and down. Started sucking him. Slow and deliberate looking him in his eyes. Up and down. Slurping him. He grabbed my head and forced hisself deeper down my throat, controlling the pace. Moaning a little. Let me see those tits he said so I pulled my dress down, exposing my perky tits. He pulls me into his lap and plays with and twists my nipples a little, then twisting hard in one hand and biting my nipples. I was wincing but wanted that promotion so bad. I would have let him do anything to me. He spun me around to the table behind us. He pulled my panties down and didn’t even ask if it was ok or check to see if I was wet. He parted my lips with his cock and pushed hisself inside. The tip only at first the he roughly pulled me backwards and pushed hisself into me forcing his cock deeper and deeper. Sort of hurt a little but I wanted the promotion. I was just hoping he would finish quick to be honest. So he’s pounding away grabbing my ass and slapping it. He goes faster and faster I can tell he’s getting close. He pulls out and comes on my ass. Then says “ That was fun”. He straightens up and leaves first. And left me cum and all. I also go back to the party and act like nothing happened.

Oh also I didn’t get the promotion lol

NSFW: yes

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