I let a stranger cum in me for 4 days straight. It was crazy! [26F]

My husband and I went to a bar last week. My husband went and grabbed a drink, leaving me alone for a brief moment on the dance floor. A handsome man came up to me, grabbed my hand, and said “I just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely beautiful. Really, you look amazing.” Then he walked away. I told my husband how nice and respectful the guy was. Then my husband told me to go get his number. Luckily I was able to catch up to Sam (the stranger) on his way out. The next night my husband and I met Sam at another bar and we talked. Eventually my husband went home to take care of the kids and left me to take care of Sam. I followed Sam to his hotel room, undressed, and immediately put his cock in my mouth. Sam was a bit nervous, but after some reassurance he was able to get it up and started pounding me. The best part was that my husband listened on the phone and heard everything. Now Sam and I did use condoms, but the condom ended up breaking. I hadn’t realized this until Sam came in me. Now I’m a gigantic cumslut and having his cum deep in me turned me on. I spent 4 hours in Sam’s hotel getting fucked repeatedly until I had to go home so I could sleep and get the kids ready for college. My husband was waiting at home, naked with his dick in his hand. I went straight into our room and got fucked hard again. I explained to my husband that the condom broke and he was surprisingly cool. He told me he could feel Sam’s cum when he fucked me and he wouldn’t mind if I let Sam cum in me again. My husband then added his own gigantic load, which left me dripping with cum. I could even feel it dripping out of me while I drove the kids to college.

I wondered Sam was leaving the following day, so I was really surprised when he texted me for more sex. Sam was no longer staying in his hotel, so we had to discover somewhere to fuck. I picked Sam up in my gigantic SUV and drove around. First we went to a park, but it was still relatively busy. Then we drove to the hotel parking lot, but it was too bright. We noticed that there was a storage facility behind the hotel. There were also several abandoned cars spread around the parking lot. We parked in between two bricked cars and got in the back seat. I deep throated Sam until he stopped me (he didn’t want to cum in my mouth). Then I sat on his lap and rode him bareback. Sam wrapped his arms around me and repeatedly slammed me on his dick. I can still remember him telling me how amazing I was and how lucky he felt. There were people walking out of the storage facility and looking at the car, but honestly I didn’t care. Then Sam bent me over and fucked me hard. He didn’t even stop when I came. Once Sam got close, he let me know he was about to cum. My husband was listening in on the speaker while I told Sam that I was a cumdump and begged him to cum in me. His load was gigantic. I wasn’t wearing any panties and my pants were very thin, so you could see the wet spot.

I dropped Sam off and made it home right as my husband was tucking the kids in. My husband then fucked me hard and long and added his load to Sam’s. For the next two days, I would get off work, pick up Sam, head to the storage facility’s parking lot and let him fuck me bareback while I begged for his cum, then drive home so my husband could fuck me. After four days, Sam had to go back home. We fucked one last time and said our goodbyes. Sam thanked me for making his trip special.

NSFW: yes

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