I let a guy cum in me without ever seeing what he looked like

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Okay so this might just be the sluttiest thing I have done in my entire life. I was feeling outrageously horny one afternoon and none of the guys I would usually fuck when im in that state where available. I tried to distract myself by playing Stardew Valley but I literally could not stop fantasizing and I wasnt really able to concentrate on the game. I decided something must be done so I put Stardew away and set my mind on figuring out how to get what I needed.

I ended up making a post on fet and a guy replied asking if I would be interested in helping him fulfill one of his longest unfulfilled fantasies. I was curious and I asked what it was. He told me that he all the time has fantasized about fucking a girl who doesn’t even know what he looks like. This definitely peaked my curiosity and I asked him for more details. He told me that he imagines a scenario in which the girl is waiting in her room naked in bed, with her butt in the air and her face pressed against her pillow or under the blanket. Basically so that she cant see anything. She would leave the door unlocked and tell him when to come. It was supposed to be pretty fast like less than 10 minutes and he would fuck them and leave before the blanket ever came off.

The more he told me about his fantasy the more turned on I got and I found myself wanting exactly what he was describing. I told him so, and he asked if I would like to make it a reality. I wondered to myself for a second, then agreed. Less than 20 minutes later, he was on his way. I was tingling with excitement already.

A few minutes before he was supposed to arrive. I took off my clothes and got into bed after unlocking my door. Waiting in bed, my head and vision covered, while my exposed ass and pussy were pointing directly at a door which I knew was unlocked. Fuck.. It turned me on more than I can describe.

All of a sudden. I heard the door open, and someone come in. I swear that alone almost made me cum lmaoo. A few seconds later I felt a hand on my ass. They felt strong. I was buzzing with excitement. He touched my pussy with his fingers. When he discovered how wet I already was, he called me a slut for being this turned on by a stranger. It was so fucking hot.

A few moments later the head of his cock was sliding into my pussy. He moaned that I was so tight and how good it felt to have an anonymous hole to fill with cum. Its kinda a weird thing to say but in the moment I found it unbelievably hot haha. The feeling of him fucking me was incredible. I could tell he was in great shape and not knowing what he looked like made me feel slutty as fuck.

We had agreed that he would cum inside of me and I could feel right when it was about to happen. He slammed the entirety of his cock into me and held me tightly in place. Thats when I started to cum. I think it was the wondered of this random stranger filling me with cum that set me off. I dont know what it was about it. After our orgasms, he got up and left. Just like that. It was almost shocking that it was over so fast. I missed the feeling of him being inside of me.

I spent the next 20 or so minutes laying in bed and touching my cum soaked pussy while thinking about the stranger who had just soaked it. I came again. Feeling his cum inside of me while I fingered myself was almost as good as when I was being fucked lol.

NSFW: yes

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