I let a dog and his owner distribute me

I started sleeping with a guy who very bluntly told me that he likes to watch his dog fuck women. I wondered he was joking at first but quickly realised that he wasn’t. I hadn’t wondered about anything like that before and the idea of the knotting put me off. He showed me some videos though and it was surprisingly a turn on.

I agreed to let the dog lick my pussy, while he watched and suckled my tits. His rough tongue literally licks me until I’m raw but it feels incredible on my clit.

Eventually I started to get onto all fours and letting him mount and hump me, with the agreement that the owner would pull him off before he could enter me and would fuck me himself. They don’t have great aim but I could feel his cock jabbing right by my hole. That, combined with the aggressive thrusting, horny panting and his paws on my hips holding me in place, made me know that I needed to take the knot.

The knot hurts more than I expected but it pulsates right up against my gspot, giving me full body orgasms. They cum the entire time they are knotting too. It gushes out of me once the knot releases, making perfect lube for the owner to fuck me with right after. Their very own bitch in heat.

Please don’t ask for photos or videos. Not even “just a clothed body photo” it isn’t gonna happen.

NSFW: yes

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