I Know What You Need


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It’s been too long again and as soon as I get the door open, I’m pulling him inside. His arms wrap around me as mine travel up his arms and shoulders, finally alighting on his neck. My fingers toy with his hair as he steps into me. I feel his solidity against the length of my body and moan. The strength is draining from my legs and suddenly I’m hot all over. Just being able to touch him again, feel him with my hands, feel him all over me has me wet. And then his mouth is on mine.

He kicks the door shut behind him and then my hands are traveling back down his arms to *his* hands. I draw him downstairs and as soon as we make it to my room, our bodies are pressed together and we’re kissing. I take his lip gently between my teeth, enjoying its fullness before sucking on it hungrily. I want to devour him. Intense heat radiates where his hands make contact with my back and they’re in constant motion, sliding firmly up and down: caressing. Making me shudder.

He pulls back for a moment, looking down into my eyes. His finger strokes my cheek; his smile is vulpine. He brings his mouth back down to kiss me and just before our lips meet he whispers “I know what you need.” I gasp and my hips buck. It’s as though he’s reached down between my legs and stroked me: I can *feel* his words touching my body.

We’re kissing and in one impossible motion his hand is sliding down my ass and then he’s lifting me forward and up. I wrap my legs around him and now I’m looking down into *his* face. I trace his lips with my finger as he walks us over to the bed. He gets up on it on one knee and lays me down. As he pulls his arms from beneath me, his hands slide up my ribs and forward to my breasts, squeezing gently. Kneading. Then his fingers dig in and again my hips buck. My desire is becoming frantic: I want him to do *anything* to me. Everything.

His fingers slide up and together and he’s pinching my nipples. I’m just wearing a shirt and pants: no bra or underwear, and I barely register the thin cotton fabric between us. Then he’s tugging on them and I whimper, my back arching. “Please-” I begin to speak and my voice breaks. I close my eyes and swallow thickly. “Please, baby-”

Now his weight is shifting off the bed and his hands hook into the waistband of my pants, pulling them down and off me as he retreats. I hear them land on the floor as his hands grasp my ankles and open my legs. Then his weight is back between them, but not on top of me. I open my eyes and begin to sit up, then his hand is between my breasts, pushing me back down. I lay against the pillows panting, my heart starting to race. And I look down at him.

At that handsome fucking face between my legs, inches from my pussy. Guileless eyes gazing up at me. Then he arches a brow and I can just *see* that grin on his face: almost a smirk. A visual representation of my hunger. He has me right where he wants me.

And he *does* want me.

My eyes roll back and I’m doing my best to keep my hips from undulating- I don’t want to give him a black eye. But I also want to reach down and put my hand on the back of his head. I whimper in frustration. I feel compelled to push him away and draw my legs together. This feels too.. dangerous. Like I cannot risk him giving me exactly what I want. But, god! I want-

I *need*-

“Ask me for it.” His voice cuts through the clamor and I feel his warm breath wash against my relentlessly throbbing pussy. I fucking wail.

I look down at him and this time he’s looking down at *me*, his eyes on my clit. His shoulders shift and I feel his hands slide up the insides of my thighs. I can just see the ends of his fingers buried in the pale, yielding flesh there. Something about the image is setting off this primal frenzy in me; my thighs flex, his grip deepens and I fucking *lose* it.

I’m doing my best to devoice the cries I cannot hold back. My hips are rolling and I’m grabbing fistfuls of blanket. *Please* don’t make me ask, *please* just do it, baby. Don’t make me tell you how bad I-

“Beg me for it.” His voice is low, calm. I can barely hear it over the pounding in my ears. His words register and that’s it. I am lost.

“PLEASE! Fuck, baby- *please*! Eat my pussy!” I’m gasping for breath. “Oh, god- I need your mouth on me- *please*, baby- suck my clit!”

NSFW: yes

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