I keep track of how many people I’ve made cum

Ever since the very first time I made someone cum for me, I’ve been addicted. Doesn’t matter if it’s through sex, handjobs, oral, online, pictures, phone calls. I just love making people cum for me. It makes me feel sexy and powerful, which I guess is why I also love getting dominant sometimes. I started making the list as a casual thing, more to keep track of who I did what with when. Now I’m just counting all the people I’ve made cum, and once I’m done counting how many people I’ve watched (to be sure) either irl or on here and have a rough estimate, I’m gonna begin setting goals for myself. I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna distribute these numbers or keep it more of a personal challenge. Making the world a more orgasmic place, one stroke at a time 😀

NSFW: yes

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