I just had a pedicure

I wish I had someone here to praise and suck on my pretty toes. Do you want to see them? It makes my pussy so wet when I hear you praise my toes and I think about you sucking on them. When you tease me and suck on my toes so nice and slow I can feel it all the way in my tight throbbing pussy. When you kiss my toes and put them in your mouth I want to open my legs up so you know to kiss down my thighs until you discover myself at my lips. I bring my knees to my chest so my toes are right by your face and you can suck them and eat my pussy too. You lick and suck me so good I begin touching your hard dick with my pretty toes. I want to bring it out of your pants and feel it with my wet toes. I tease you with my feet and watch it bounce up and down. I love watching my pretty feet play with your hard cock that I have to put it inside my throbbing wet pussy. It was just waiting to be satisfied. While you slowly stroke in and out of my tight, soaked pussy you grab my foot and begin licking my toes. You know it’s my favorite and I cum all over your hard throbbing cock.

NSFW: yes

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