I Just Fucked My Other Friend’s Wife. Part 2 (MF)

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Once evening hit, everyone at the party was getting pretty drunk. It had been almost four hours since I fucked my friend’s wife, Robin. She had been walking around with a smile all day. Even her husband asked if she had taken something. Just before several of us got into the pool, Robin came up to me and said, “Your Cum soaked my panties.” I swear she was gonna say the wrong thing once she had enough alcohol in her to fuck everything up. But, lucky for me, she held her tongue.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s opinion to me earlier had been floating around in my mind all day. Was she gonna want me to fuck her as well? Fucking one friend’s wife is bad enough. Fucking a second friend’s wife would be suicide in my friends circle. There would be no coming back from that if I got caught. Maybe she was just fucking with me. Maybe if I avoided any one on one situations with Amanda she would drop it.

Once the sun had gone down, several of us were hanging in the pool. I was floating in the shallow end talking with the group who were all sitting around drinking. That was when Amanda came up beside me. “Are you ready to fulfill our deal?” she whispered into my ear. She snaked her hand down the front of my swim trunks and grabbed my cock. I did not want to get caught, so I stayed frozen in place as she made me rock hard with her hand.

Tony yelled out that we were running out of beer and asked if anyone was sober enough to go on a beer run. Amanda immediately sang out, “I will go. And, David here can come do the heavy lifting for me.” Well shit. Now I have no way of getting out of this. Tony yelled back, “Great babe. Grab us some more smokes while you are at the store.” Amanda whispered to me, “Better get dried off. You have some work to do.” I knew I was screwed.

Tony and Amanda lived out in the country about five miles outside of town. So, once we jumped into her SUV, she headed off to some place that was most definitely not the store. “Why are you wanting me to fuck you? I thought things between you and Tony were good.” Amanda just laughed and replied, “That is what everyone is supposed to think. That fucker has not touched me in 10 months. He goes to bed early during the week for work and gets too drunk on his days off to get hard enough to fuck me. Look, I never thought Robin would go thru with fucking you. She is too Miss Goodie Two-Shoes. But, as I listened to you fuck her, I got jealous that it was her in the bathroom and not me.”

Amanda pulled into some abandoned farm and parked the car. She immediately stripped out of what little clothes she had on and jumped into the back of her SUV where she had laid out several blankets. Now, Amanda was definitely not Robin. Amanda had gigantic tits. She was a 38 HH. Had to have all her bras special ordered and it was beginning to cause her to have back problems. It was genetics. Her mother, and both her little sisters were all the same. In fact, her youngest sister was still in high college and had 40 DD tits already. So, when I got to see those puppies hanging free, my dick went from soft to steel in five seconds.

Amanda was plump in all the right places. But, not fat in any since of the word. I stripped out of my clothes and joined her in the back. We immediately began to kiss. Tongues explored each other’s mouth. My hands went straight for those tits. Molding and mashing her flesh while pulling and pinching her nipples. Amanda was not quiet either. Very glad she did not try to do this at the house. Her hands were already jerking my cock as I concentrated on her tits. As I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth, my free hand found her very engorged clit and I started to rub it. Now, I would not say Amanda had a hair trigger. But, her first orgasm hit within seconds of me finding her clit.

She began to buck her hips as the orgasm washed over her. Amanda didn’t squirt like Robin did. But, she was completely soaked by the time her orgasm finished. She was also very forceful when it came to sex. She pushed my head down to her pussy as she was telling me what to do. I licked her slit up and down for several minutes while biting and flicking her clit. Amanda was screaming out loud as she came; pushing my face into her pussy as hard as she could. I also took the opportunity to shove two fingers up inside her to help her orgasm along.

After two more orgasms, she pushed my face away and said, “I want you inside of me now. Fuck me like I know you fucked Robin.” I sure as shit did not need to be told twice. I lined my cock up with her opening and pushed all the way inside her in one stroke. It stole her breath away as I bottomed out inside her. And, unlike with Robin, where I had to be quiet; I started to slam into Amanda with reckless abandon. The sound of skin slapping skin was loud. If Amanda had not left the engine running and the radio playing, the sounds of her screams would have been even more loud. As is was, her first orgasm from my cock being inside her probably would have sounded like someone was killing her from outside the car.

Her nails dug into my back as she had an all over body orgasm. I just tried to make sure that her cunt muscles did not expel my cock from her depths and warmth. And, even though I had cum earlier in the day, I knew I was about to cum. I managed to squeak out, “Amanda, I am about to cum. Where do you want it?” “Inside me. Fucking cum inside me!” she screamed out. So, three more pumps and I blasted her insides with my cum. If felt absolutely amazing. There was no fear of getting caught out here. Just the unabridged passion from the act of cumming.

Once I had finished pumping my seed into Amanda, I fell to the side to join her on the blankets. Once we were both able to talk, Amanda asked if I could do that again? I looked at those gorgeous eyes and said, “Most definitely. But, I will need some help getting hard again.” Amanda bent down and took my deflated cock into her mouth. As she cleaned and sucked my cock back to life, the wondered of having just cum in another of my friend’s wife had me paused.

“Amanda, are you on birth control?” Amanda paused sucking my cock and looked up at me. “My baby making ability was taken after my second child. Doctor had no choice. So, you can cum inside me all you want.” Fuck, that made me breath a sigh of relief. I got up and turned her around and had her lean over the center console, giving me perfect access to that beautiful ass. Amanda knew exactly what I was thinking. She reached behind with both hands and pulled her ass checks aside for me. I placed the head of cock at the entrance of her ass and pushed inside using her own saliva as the lube.

Once I had gotten almost all of my cock inside her ass, I went to town again. I could tell this was not her first rodeo with anal. Unlike most women I had anal sex with, it did not seem to hurt her at all. In fact, she was telling me to fuck her ass as hard as I had just fucked her pussy. Again, the sound of skin slapping skin was almost drowning out the car radio. I plowed that ass as hard as I could. It seemed as if her ass had it’s own lube, because it was getting easier and easier to push inside her.

I could feel my balls beginning to tighten just as Amanda screamed out that she was cumming. She immediately reached under herself had rubbed her clit as her orgasm hit. Since I was already there, I took two more real hard strokes, slammed all the way inside her ass and let loose with everything I had left. Our mutual orgasms lasted almost a minute this time. Once I pulled out and fell back on the blanket, Amanda got a big pack of wipes and began to clean herself up. Then, once she was finished, she cleaned me up as well.

“I believe you can consider your debt paid. David, I don’t know if you will ever settle down. But, if you do, that is going to be one happy girl.” She kissed me and then got dressed. Once we were both back in the front seats, I asked, “What about the beer and cigarettes?” Amanda just laughed. “I had three more cases of beer and cigarettes in the garage. And, if you ever want to do that to me again, please do!”

When we got back to their place I grabbed Amanda one last time and kissed her deeply. She let out a little moan as I reached up and started pinching her nipples. Once we regained our senses, Amanda pushed me away. We brought all the extra beer out to the back yard and put it into the coolers. Amanda and Robin immediately went off together; probably to compare stories. Mean while, I was just hoping to get out of this without getting my ass beat.

NSFW: yes