I just fucked a guy the same night I broke up with my boyfriend

I (female 18) had been dating my boyfriend (male 18) for over a year now, and things had been going pretty well except for one major problem I have with our sex life.

I have all the time been a very sexual person, and enjoy having a lot of sex, in my perfect world i would have sex at least 4-5 times a day. My boyfriend really just does not like having sex that many times in a day, the most amount of times we had ever fucked was 3 times and they did not last long.

I have been gonna bed horny nearly every night for a year now and I am tired of having to be the one to pleasure myself. I have tried to talk to him about it multiple times, but he all the time has brushed it off and will change the subject.

So today was his birthday, and I took him out for a special dinner, and wore a pretty slutty outfit. We had not had sex at all today and when I told him at the table that I was wearing no panties he did not even seem to care and honestly it really hurt, and I broke down and told him that I didn’t think this was gonna work out anymore.

He was rightfully shocked and hurt and he didn’t really know what to say. I could see pain in his eyes, but I honestly already knew that I did not want to do another year of this and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone who cannot please me sexually or makes me feel like he wont even try to.

He tried to argue with me and said that he would try to have more sex with me, but when I said he didn’t even seem to care about me not wearing panties all he could say was that he was sorry and that he just did not discover me doing that hot…

When he said that I literally got up and left the restaurant, and I have not said anything to him since. He has sent me tons of text messages and called me a bunch but I was really hurt at the dinner and just did not want to be there anymore or be with him after he made me feel like I was doing everything wrong and I am tired of feeling this way.

After I got home I downloaded Tinder and in less then 5 minutes I had over 20 matches with guys who were all really attractive. I just wanted to feel good about myself and my body so I told one of the guys to come over and he fucked me for nearly an hour. He ate me out, he just made me feel like I have never felt before. It felt so good to finally be used by someone and wanted. Honestly reading my ex’s text messages after just made me realize what a loser I was dating.

NSFW: yes

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