I jerked off one of my old friends that’s actually a Virgin… [F19][MF]

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So I found out this old friend on Tinder while I was swiping and I remembered that we used to be in the same class in middle college.
I spoke with him a bit and he remembered me too so I went to his place since he was close to me.
He was home alone and invited me to watch some movies, I knew what he wanted but at first, I didn’t want to have sex.
We got into talking and he told me that he never had sex before with a real woman and I felt bad for him
He asked if he could finger my pussy while he was watching the movies so I just said fuck it and I let him play with it
I could see a bulge growing in his pants and I loved seeing how innocent he was about everything.
I asked him to whip out his cock while he was fingering me so I could jerk him off
He listened, I gagged a bit on his cock to make it sloppy and I didn’t even have time to jerk him off properly since he came soo fast and soo much.

NSFW: yes

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