I hooked up with a public figure without knowing – Short Sex Story

Last year I (20 f) hooked up with a model (29m) and I had no idea .
I had no idea of who he was, as he’ve met at a bar . He was very handsome looking, well dressed and well mannered so when he approached me offering me a drink I couldn’t help but accept it . (I’m in Europe so legal age for drinking is 18) . We talked and he told me he was a university teacher… even though his looks were indicating me that he might
have been a model, I still believed him .
Also the fantasy of having a drink bought by a uni teacher was very intriguing…
We talked for a while and then we went to his place for some naughty fun .
His apartment was located in a very new building in the city center.
It was a very fancy looking apartment with white and black furniture .
I’m not gonna lie but the sex with him was the best sex I’ve ever had . He went down on me and made me cum for about 5 times . After that he railed me until I squirted for the very first time . It was lots of fun and we made sure to use protection, of course.
After sex, while we were cuddling he told me that I have a good body and face to become a model and that he could pull some strings for me in the industry. I didn’t think much of it but that should have definitely rang a bell … Also, I didn’t tell him I was doing OF and camming, I made him believe I was a student.
Before I went home, he gave me his number and told me to write him when I get back safely. I was definitely feeling butterflies …
The next day I texted him but didn’t hear from hime. 2 days later he texted me apologizing and saying that he’s been very busy with an crucial project and asked me to meet … Long story short, we saw each other 4 times but afterwards he had to leave the city so we stopped chatting . 2 weeks later I discover his face on a magazine cover and I wondered I would faint . It turned out that he was a very well known model who works with luxury brands …

NSFW: yes

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