I “Helped” My Virgin Friend at the Mall (F19)

I have a guy friend that’s a virgin. I’ve known him pretty much my whole life. I’m quite the opposite from him. I have an overactive sex drive and I’m naturally a very sex positive person
I’ve all the time been a massive tease with him. Mostly because I know he gets turned on by it, but I also know he won’t really do much about it. In the past I have helped relieve his sexual tension with handjobs
We were sitting in the parking lot at the mall. I had eaten a pot edible like 30 mins prior so it was just starting to kick in. We were just sitting there chatting for a while and I noticed his eyes wandering at my chest and legs. It’s no surprise that I dress quite promiscuously when I go out. I love the attention I get
I started purposely teasing him by squirming in the seat. Lifting my dress up a bit, moving my hands around my thighs, flirty eyes contact, lip biting. Basically all the signs one would give when they’re wanting to “fuck”, lol.
He was getting really flustered and I could tell he wasn’t gonna make the move. Generally, I’ve all the time made the first move in our first encounters. I decided just to go in for it and put my hands down his pants
He warned me he hadn’t cummed in like weeks (this is seriously shocking to me since I’m a multiple times a day kinda girl). He was uncut so I pulled his foreskin back and rubbed my thumb underneath his head and spent some time stroking it.
It wasn’t long before he blew and massive load all over my hand and in his pants. Like seriously I don’t think I have ever felt so much at once. He cummed really hard and thanked me for it
This is part of the reason I think virgins are so cute. The genuine appreciation for such a small gesture was heart warming! There wasn’t anything in the car to clean off my hands so I literally just had to rub as much as I could over his dick, balls, and thighs. I took my hand out and rubbed the rest on my thighs and asked him if he was ready to go in the mall to clean up and finish shopping.
I looked over at him and he was absolutely red in the face with embarrassment. There was such a mess in his sweat pants. It looked like he pissed himself and he was panicking. He asked me to go inside and buy him some new pants. I wasn’t about to go into the mall high and alone and made that clear. I grabbed a hoodie from the back seat and made him tie it around his waist so as to cover his spot.
We parked close to a department store entrance to the mall so we could easily go in there and get a new pair of pants. As we walked in the mall I couldn’t help but be a little turned on by how shy and sketch he was being. I wondered it was hot and so cute that he was walking around all cummy down there
We walked over to the sweat pants rack and while he was picking out a pair I snuggled him from behind and slid my hand back down
He got hard pretty quick and seriously feeling it all sticky was getting me in the mood too. We stood there for a few minutes just enjoying the moment. I grabbed the pants he wanted and checked out at the nearest register while he went in the changing room.
I met up with him and just let myself in and told him to get undressed. While he was shy and bit ashamed he eventually did so. He was about to put on his new pants but the mess hasn’t been cleaned up.
I told him to hold the fuck up and got on my knees. I spent a good 20 minutes sucking his dick, licking his balls, taint, and thighs to clean up. He was able to cum again in my mouth this time. It was a lot less but nevertheless I loved it. I had given him many handjobs over the years but this was the first blowjob
He put on his new pants and I went to get rid of his underwear. We went shopping and then went to his house and he fucked me there

NSFW: yes

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