I held in cum for 6 months and painted my Gf when she flew down to visit.


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I was working down south. We were nearly 2000 miles away from each other. We had plans for her to fly down to me for a visit in 6 months or so. I had occasionally joked with Sara that I should try my best to not masturbate until our visit. She said if I could hold it, that she would take the entire load in her mouth. It was sort of a turn on for both of us, as it added some sexual tension during our phone/Skype calls.

She would sometimes flash her tits on Skype calls or send me flirtatious texts just to rile me up. I stayed true to my mission and did not cum for 5 months and 2 weeks before Sara made it to my hotel. It was almost immediate as she walked through the door. The belt unraveled from my pants faster than she could greet me. I knew it was on from there. She made quick work of stripping my pants, and the majority of her clothing in a few short minutes. Her suitcase and purse were thrown across the floor and I was pushed onto the hotel bed. Sara was a short curly blonde, with natural big tits, and all the time wore glasses. She reminded me of a slutty librarian when we were having sex.

After being thrown on the bed, Sara knelt down before the foot of the frame, placing her face between my legs. She took my cock in one hand, making eye contact and lightly stroking it. I held onto her left breast with my hand, cupping it and rolling my fingers across her nipple. She deployed her tongue at the base of my shaft, softly licking its length to the tip, and placed it in her mouth. She began sucking the first few inches of my cock. I could feel my entire body shutter in pleasure as the feeling washed over me. The mental fortitude of holding in all that cum was starting to pay off after such a long time. Sara found this endlessly amusing, knowing that I wasn’t gonna be able to hold it much longer. She started to take the entire length in her throat, I watched as precum spilled between her lips and onto my balls. Sara began to rapidly bounce her head on my cock. Feeling the pressure, my lower body began to tense up. I knew it was about to happen. “I’m gonna cum” I told her. Sara just looked up at me, willing to take my entire load. I began to ejaculate into the back of her throat. She smiled as I felt waves of cum extracted from my body. Quickly her mouth filled up and she removed my cock to swallow what was there. I continued to shoot rounds from the tip of my cock. Her forehead, orbitals, and contours of her face held rivers of semen as it all proceeded to cascade down her face. It was 20 seconds into my orgasm and I showed no signs of stopping. She retained a surprised look on her face as I would not stop cumming. I aimed my cock towards her chest and covered both her breasts. With each deposit of cum, I felt more relieved than the last. Finally it came to short bursts and then a slow drip. I sighed a deep breath and looked upon my canvas. Sara was entirely covered in cum from face to stomach. She simply laughed and admitted it was more than she expected. I continued to chuckle as she stood at the sink and attempted to wash it off her body. It didn’t take long before she gave up on the sink all together and got in the shower.

NSFW: yes

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