I Had Sex With The Pizza Delivery Guy! (F19)

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It was my birthday last week and my best friends wanted to go out and celebrate it, but I just wanted to stay home have some drinks, enjoy some sports, and just enjoy each other. They agreed since it was my birthday, we started playing truth or dare ans just having a good time.
I decided to order some pizza hut and we continued on playing or truth or dare game. They dared me to seduce the pizza delivery guy. I hesitated for a bit but the idea gave me such a rush. It got me so wet just thinking about it
When he finally showed up, he was handsome. His uniform was fitted to his body I could tell he worked out. He handed me the pizzas and I thanked him. My heart was racing. I told him do you want to come inside so I can tip you?
His face was somewhat lost, he didn’t quite find out that I meant I wanted to let him fuck me as a tip. He hesitantly stepped in my house and I shut the door behind him. My friends were all sitting there just watching and drinking, they said hello to him. I then put my hand on his hand and asked him do you accept me as a tip?
He smiled, chuckled and said is this a joke? I said, no baby I’m for real and I lifted his hand up to my breast and let him squeeze. So then I sat him down on a wooden chair I have in my living room and my friends started to cheer me on
As they were getting louder and cheering one of my friends put music on my echo dot and I felt so horny. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants
His cock was so hard . His size was amazing. Probably around 6 or 7 inches. It was big but not enormous just the right size for my tight pussy. I started by sucking his cock. His precum was all over my hands and my mouth. My girls were going wild, he was having the time of his life. He pulled out his phone to record, and I I care. The thrill of feeling so dirty gave me such a high
I was wearing a skin tight black club dress so I just slid my thong off with ease. I dragged it through his body and tickled his face with it. My friends were like no way get it girl ride that cock. Get it girl, get it, and I couldn’t withstand. I wanted them to watch, I wanted him to record me, I was so horny and wet. I got on top of him and I started to ride him
His cock felt so good inside of me. I let him raw dog me. His light moans and gasps drove me insane I wanted him to fucking fuck the shit out of me. I grabbed his chest it was so firm. I rode his dick, until I had an orgasm. He was amazing he came last. I let him fill me with all his cum. When I got up his cum was dripping down my legs. It felt so warm, I was in heaven, wanted more
He got up and dressed up properly. My friends were going wild still, and we’re joking about wanting a turn. He said wow girl you made my whole year. He asked me for my number and we are planning on seeing each other again soon. I can not wait until he fucks me again with that nice cock

NSFW: yes