I had sex on a plane with a stranger

This happened two years ago during a flight to Spain . I had planned a 4 days vacation there. While boarding the plane, I saw this very cute guy in front of me. He was tall, had short curly brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. I guess luck was on my side that day, because that same cute guy happened to be seated right next to me.

At first, I felt a bit shy sitting next to him, but I eventually managed to gain the courage to introduce myself to him. We immediately hit it off and started flirting with each other. Midway through our conversation he decided to put his hand on my right thigh and slowly started to move it up my leg towards my panties (I was wearing a skirt). I was a bit worried that someone might see us, but I allowed him to continue. He eventually slipped his hand into my panties and started fingering me. He definitely knew what he was doing, because he managed to get me soaking wet in a matter of minutes. After that he leaned towards me, kissed my neck softly and asked me if I wanted to take this further. I agreed and we both went to the toilet. In there I immediately got to company and took off his pants. His cock was already rock solid with precum dripping from it. I started deepthroating him, while also playing with his balls, when he suddenly told me that he really wanted to fuck me and couldn’t wait anymore. I got up, he pulled my panties down and started fucking me raw. While we were going at it, I started to get a bit loud, so he immediately covered my mouth with his hand to keep me quiet. We probably fucked for about 15 minutes, until he told me that he was about to climax. I got back on my knees, he blew his load inside my mouth and I swallowed every last bit of his warm cum, like a good girl. After that, we quickly cleaned ourselves and headed back to our seats. Thankfully no one had heard what happened. After this we exchanged numbers and spent a few wonderful nights together, until we both went our separate methods.

He definitely made my vacation ten times better.

NSFW: yes


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