I had risky office sex with a girl I hired (Pt2)

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We both knew what happened yesterday during lunch couldn’t happen again. She had career goals and, being part of the business’s leadership, I had responsibilities to my team. If we were caught, it could mean the end of both of our futures with the business. I hired her, for god’s sake, and I had just spent the afternoon inside of her.

Reflecting on what we did, it was like I couldn’t stop myself; at each fork in the road I saw the paths ahead, and at each I was also able to correctly identify the “right” one. But then, when the moment came, I hungrily tore down the one I knew to be wrong. I was consumed by the feeling of her body against mine.

So. We agreed: let’s cool things off a bit. Tuesday rolled around, then Wednesday, and then Wednesday again. A week or two more went by without any mention of what had gone on between us. No sideways glances, no magnetically ending up in the same hallway, or pauses that take a little too long to bring to a close.

It was almost like nothing had changed at all. It was a little strange, honestly: maybe too “normal,” as if the absence of some acknowledgement was louder than had there still been a murmur of a distant, but shared understanding.

Still, I assigned her work, and she completed it on time. Often early, in fact, and much more thorough than her colleagues. She was clever. Smarter than me, and diligent – disciplined to the core, good work ethic and valued herself. We work in a competitive space, and good leaders hire people like her to lift the whole ship.

But there was also a secret to the work I was delegating to the team. Quietly, I was making sure the two of us would never work directly with each other. I would get a project that seemed to involve two and would coordinate two of my other employees to work together, or step in if it would advantage the project to have me directly involved.

Ah… best laid plans, they say.

I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before; the power had gone out so I spent the night on the couch in front of the fireplace. Warm enough, but not warm. And now, very tired. So tired, in fact, that I slipped up: there was a project I needed to complete before the end of the week, and without thinking, I called her over to my desk and asked for her help with it. I was desperate, and she was the most capable of taking care of company in a pinch.

“We’re gonna have to stay late tonight.

”Her expression remained painfully neutral. For a fleeting moment, I noticed the corner of her lip tick upward, just for a split-second, and her cheeks flushed as she looked down, and then back up.I didn’t even have a second to process what had happened. My heart rate picked up, and I felt a wave of radiant heat flash across my body, flitting down to below my belt where the fabric of my pants gave way to an immediate, and… confident… response.

As much as my mind had tried to move on, my body remembered, and so did hers. I sent her back to her desk, and told her to work ahead for the week and that I’d let her know when I needed her.

The next few hours were excruciating. All I could think about was her soft breasts coming out from underneath her stretched cotton top, and her soft panties wet with anticipation. My balls, willing to perform their duty, became full and sore with the wondered of her body against and enveloping mine.

It was 8pm, and if we were gonna finish this thing together, we needed to wrap it up quick. I had heard the last holdout pack up their suitcase and leave around 7. The air had gotten warm; at 6, they turn the AC off, or at least down. Not great for focusing on productive tasks.

I sent her a message.

“I’m ready, can you come over?”

“Ok, be there in a sec”

As she walked over, it was clear that she had since unbuttoned the first few buttons of her top. Oof. Her boobs were gently pushing up and out, and I could see the opening of her cleavage clear as day. Tasteful, but from this angle and distance, stunning and suggestive. I watched as they moved with her body, jiggling invitingly beneath the fabric.

When she arrived at my desk looking flush, like she’d just taken a trip up and down the stairs, but I know for a fact she was at her desk the whole time. I looked her directly in the eyes and paused for a moment with a gentle smile, letting her know I knew.

She looked down and away, and I followed the movement of her eyes, tracing them for a moment across her chest. In a breath, I felt weeks of restraint give way to a panicked hunger for her body. This whole time, the sense of self control was merely a mirage; roiling underneath was a filthy lust to be all over her, to show her how special she was, inside and out.

“It’s late, and we need to get some work done. I’m so stressed about this project.”

“Tell me what I need to do,” she said, in an obedient tone, threaded with a thrilling nervous confidence.

Without saying so much as another word, I placed my hands firmly around her hips and pulled her against me. She let out a soft “Oh,” and I thought if I’d gone too far, too fast. Did I misread? Maybe she wasn’t showing off… maybe she just unbuttoned because it had gotten warm. Maybe she really meant tell me what to do with this project. Shit, I messed up.

But as I questioned myself, she grabbed me through my pants and and spun around, pressing her ass across the front of my thighs to let me know what she wanted. Fuck me. I nearly came just from the sheer thrill of her forcing herself on me.

She paused and looked back at me. “Right here?”

I had almost forgotten – we were at the office. We work here. And this time we weren’t in the semi-safe confines of a conference room… her hands were resting on the report I’d been working on all day.

At this point, though, I had lost all care for what would happen if we were found out. All self control had gone out the window and once again, I found myself staring down the animal that had she had revealed inside me those weeks ago. I don’t know what it was about her, all I knew is that in that moment I wanted to fuck her; I wanted to pump her full of my cum, and then I wanted to do it again. She was a sex witch, and I was ravenous for her.


I turned her around and frantically tore her panties down her legs, grabbed the underside of her butt, and lifted her up onto my desk to hover above my aching bulge. The report I was on crinkled as she slid back, but I didn’t care. She reached her hand down between her legs and in one swift motion, undid my zipper, freeing my rock hard, red erection. It was so desperate for her tight little pussy that it pulsed with my heartbeat, and immediately started dripping precum onto her thigh. Even my eyes almost popped out of my head; I had never been so turned on in my life.

“Wait,” she said.


“I can see how excited you are. But if I’m staying late for you, you need to do me a favor.”

“What do you mea–“

I had only started to ask the question when she swung her legs over her head and pressed my face into her warm spread. Fucking hot. I knew what to do – I went straight to work, tracing the interior of her lips with my tongue up and around her clit. I felt it perk up with excitement under the gentle pressure of my tongue, and she quickly became warmer and wetter as I worked my tongue inside her.

Slowing down to tease her, I crossed over her clit, around, back down and inserted my tongue briefly up and into her hole. I felt her legs twitch and she let out a sharp “hhhuhh” of heated approval as I lifted my tongue up inside her. Her arousal was, in turn, feeding my own. I was hungry for her hunger.

Not wanting to linger, I continued that motion up the length of her pussy, slowly licking up her clit with the entire surface of my tongue – her legs began an uncontrolled descent onto my back, pushing my face deeper into her pussy. Wow – this woman is pure sex. Who would have wondered? I felt a rush of excitement and started instinctually thrusting against her as I licked, my erection harder yet and almost started to hurt to be inside her.

She reached her hand down and smiled – she liked how turned on I was for her. Seizing our shared momentum, she lifted her ass up and sat forward against me, guiding me into her as her pussy lips wrapped around my dick – her warm, wet hole stroking me the whole way down. Oh… my god. My body reacted for me and I thrusted, pushing as deep as I could, then out, then in again. She began to bounce against me as I did.

She bounced, and I thrusted. We were in sync, both needy to fill or to be filled, both creators and consumers of each others’ wet music. I toured my right hand around her soft ass cheek, tracing the contour between her midriff and her thigh, all the way to her pussy. I found her clit, all lit up with anticipation, and started gently pushing my middle finger against it until she spasmed from the excitement while I fucked her.

Soon after, I felt her starting to lose control; her leg twitched and she pushed down harder. I thrust into her and felt the tip of my penis push up against her cervix. She let out a hungry whimper and I felt her asshole pucker up against my balls. Whhhoaaa.

This drove me right through the roof – my mind went blank, stupid with lust and primal desire, as I convulsed and pumped a shot of cum into her. I pushed in deeper, and my whole lower body caught fire at once as I unloaded pulse after pulse of cum as deep as I could, my balls aching from the sheer force of it. For a few seconds, both of our legs twitched as our spasms after-shocked.

I stayed inside her for a bit, kissing her neck as my cum dripped out and ran down her leg. Her breathing calmed and then grew heavy again as she swiveled her head around, revealing more of herself for me to drink up.

Like a dutiful soldier, within minutes of this I was once again standing rigid, ready to make war. Not one to let an opportunity slide by, she started to grinding her ass against me. It was gonna be a long night.

NSFW: yes