I had him again today

So for those who have not read my previous post a guy from the gym asked me out yesterday and while I was surprised I never noticed him since he’s totally my type(MUSCLES OMG) we ended up making out in his car and going back to his place to fuck.

I figured since it’s a Saturday today he’d be free. I messaged him early today and he was available. I asked for his address and got driving. From around 10am to 4pm we were in varying stages of undress. Fucking in his living room. His kitchen. His bathroom. His bedroom. Walls and floors. The works. Had a meal in between and just continued getting dicked by this stud.

I love getting big muscular guys like him so wound up and horny. Hardworking men like that deserve to be pleasured and pushed and just worshipped. I cannot wait to play with him again.

NSFW: yes

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