I had bet with my friend (gone wrong)

Let me just say a backstory, so I’m a guy (26), my friend also. We were friends way back from university. He all the time liked my mom, she is blonde, short, 50 years old. My friends all the time had a thing for her, called her milf etc.

In the previous month or so my friend not sure what happened to him but he became really obsesses with her now. He all the time talked how he would like to fuck her etc. I got pissed off and told him that he needs to chill nothing going to happen ever. Then he sayed lets bet in 50 bucks, give me 3 weeks i will fuck her. I was looking at him and I was like yeah okay, easy money.

After like 4 or 5 days, i didn’t see him for a while, he just sent me photos on Snapchat where my mom was in some lingerie, like sexy photos of her posing and everything. He texted me like bro it’s not late, you can give up, I won’t continue further. I was a bit shocked but I was kinda wanted to see what will happen next.

So on friday, few weeks ago I went out with my friends in some nightclub. There was also my mom in the club with her girls, all of her friends are old divorced woman who as looks like craves for some attention and one night stands. We were getting drunk a little and then we decided to go to their table and be with them. We danced, continued to drink, and at one moment I saw my friend dancing behind my mom. I saw him grinding on my moms ass. You could clearly see that he got hard since he has huge dick, as all of us guys talk about that, so I knew that he is hard. He grabbed my mom on her waist pushing her into him and rubing his buldge on her ass. After a while some slow song started, he turned her around and they danced huged like that. After a while my mom told us she got a headache and that ahe needs to go home to sleep. My friend told he will drive her, so she dosn’t need to pay for taxi.

After like 45 minutes, he sends me on Snap photo of my mom from the back in her bra and skirt undressing. He wrote me: “We are at my place now bro, I’m gonna fuck her brains out”. I was shocked, I told him, okay bro you won the bet, please you don’t need to proceed. And there was no response for like half an hour. I was so stressed, and after like 40 minutes he sends me photo how he is fucking her in doggy, then another photo how she is sucking his dick. And the last one how he cum all over her ass with caption: “Bro, told ya, you owe me 50 bucks, sorry, no sorry”.

I was shocked about what happened, I wondered my mom would never do that, but yeah it happened. I never talked with her about that, and my friend never talked about her again. So if anyone want to see photos and everything from the story, send me msg.

NSFW: yes


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