I got payed 15K to get fucked and cummed over


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At the courthouse, I was approached by an elderly (M50) male. I went to the courthouse since my mother was an attorney and I worked as a file clerk at her law business while attending school.

He told me he’d seen me around and had a company proposal for me, so he invited me out to lunch. We had lunch about a week later to discuss the plan. Before we talked about anything, I signed a nondisclosure agreement.

He asked whether I was okay with being recorded, gangbanged, and coated in cum by him and four of his colleagues. I was truly taken aback… I’m just an typical girl; there’s nothing unique about me. I wasn’t sure whether I should be insulted or flattered, but I knew it got me willing and wet, so I consented. After about a week, a car arrived to pick me up, I signed more disclosures, and I was paid in cash.

It was the most fun I’d ever had in my life at the time. I was fucked for hours and had so many orgasums and came on me that it was incredible. It still gets me going. I’ve at all times wanted to do another gangbang, but I cannot take the risk. I still masturbate knowing that these individuals have a video of me that they undoubtedly watch on a regular basis….

Not only was I being ogled and fucked by these men, but I also had to sign disclosures, which added to the risk and excitement. Later, when I continued to work for my mother, I discovered that these individuals were judges from other counties.

I finally became an attorney and had a number of them look over my cases later in life. I must admit that I was soaked in my underwear on the days when I had to submit these instances in front of them. So much so that I fucked my husband at work in his car and came on his dick so hard he required a change of trousers.

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