I got moved to being my boss’s assistant so I could blow him constantly [26F] – Short Sex Story

I keep screwing up at work and it keeps ending up with me blowing my boss because I feel dumb and like I have to make it up to him. Well it happened again but this time he called me into his office instead of his car and I was really worried I screwed up too much and I wondered I was done for good.

Well, it turns out, I DID screw up too much and he wanted to fire me. I messed up an accounting project that was budgeting donations to pet shelters and he had to make up the surplus cuz of my stupidity (it’s his company), so he did fire me.

But then he offered a compromise: his assistant, an older woman, is retiring – I could take her job if I want, with the understanding that on top of the assistant work I have to blow him and fuck him any time he wants. I instantly accepted obviously, and I told him about my husband knowing I’ve been cheating, and so he also has been texting my husband now. I’m not sure exactly what but I think pics are involved.

Anyway, it’s only been a couple days so far obviously but it’s amazing. I worked the weekend for extra practice at fucking and sucking cock and being quiet in his office. My new outfit is to be short skirts and crop tops. I’m basically just a whore now, with some occasional meeting scheduling.

My husband hasn’t said much yet but I hope he lets me fuck my boss in front of him!

NSFW: yes

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