I got fucked so hard


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I recently met this man on tinder, and we’ve been flirting with talks about sex and kinks over message. We got together yesterday night and went for a drive. He drove me out to this remote yet gorgeous viewpoint place. I informed him I was wearing a short skirt without panties as we walked through the park, and the excitement on his face when he heard that was obvious. As we walked he kinda fell silent and I asked what was wrong. He stated he couldn’t stop thinking about my exposed pussy, wondering if it was wet, then he kissed me, and dragged me down to a out of sight and soft patch of grass.
Everything afterwords is a hazy memory. He fingered me so hard that I came in minutes and had to drag his hand out of me, and then he started eating me out, which felt so fucking good I almost cried. He started to facefuck me right after. The mood changed when I realized I’d finally met someone who would fuck me the way I wanted. Like a little fucktoy.
The next day I had some bruises and scrapes and when I noticed them I got so horny that I fucked myself and came in like 5 minutes.

NSFW: yes

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