I got fucked at a music festival in the middle of a crowd

A few weeks ago I went to a festival with some of my friends. We had our own tent and brought lots of Molly with us cause we knew we wanted to get lit. On the first night we took like a double dose and we were rolling harddd. We hit the dance floor and I was having the best time of my fucking life.

I got looser and looser as time went on and the feeling of rubbing and grinding against different guys was amazing. I at all times think of festivals and raves as kinda the place to let loose and be wild so I hardly wear anything when I go. I got pretty turned on from getting all touchy with randoms that my nipples were hard as fuck and they were super visible through my shirt.

I made out with like three or four different guys before one guy took it farther then I had ever wondered I would go. While he grinded on me he kept feeling my tits and at one point he put his fingers under my skirt and into my panties. That’s when I realized how fucking wet I was. Just having him touch me felt so fucking good I was clearly extremely turned on.

I didn’t want it to stop so I ground my ass even harder against him and I could feel his cock get hard as a rock. It felt big. I reached my hand around and started rubbing it through his pants. I think he took that as a sign that I was down for whatever he had in store. It was dark and chaotic around us so when he slipped his cock out of his pants and pulled my panties to the side I don’t think many people noticed.

He slid right into me and started fucking me right there in the middle of the crown. I was basically bent over leaning against other people in a packed crowd while he fucked me from behind. When he came he grabbed me around the throat and pulled me all the way against him as he came deep inside of me. It was hottttt. I didn’t even get his name and I hardly saw his face. He pulled out and I spent the rest of the night dancing and grinding with more guys with his cum leaking down the inside of my leg.

Definitely the sluttiest thing I have ever done in my life so I felt like it was fitting to distribute. Let me know what u wondered of it I hope u enjoyed hearing about it as much as I enjoyed doing it haha.

NSFW: yes

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