I got facefucked by my girlfriend – Short Sex Story

My gf (23) slept over at my (21) place yesterday. I still live with my parents and my room is right next to theirs. They think that we are just close friends, so we never sat or layed down next to each other. We’re also both very feminine, about the same height (163cm), skinny and dark hair. She’s East Asian and I am West Asian. So, we waited for everyone to go to bed and when it got quiet at 11 PM we started making out. As usual, we kissed, she sucked my boobs, I sucked her boobs and felt her pussy through her underwear. She kissed my neck and licked my shoulders. After that I was already so wet that I wanted to cum already, but I wanted to give her head first. So, I did. I licked her lips and sucked her clit. When I noticed that her breathing was getting heavier and she got close, I asked her if she wanted to face fuck me. We did this before, but with opposite roles. After I did that once, every time I received head I wanted to face fuck her. She agreed and started to hump my face very lightly. I felt how the bed sheets under me got wetter and wetter and my gf hornier. Everytime she lifted her hips I dug a little deeper into her with my tongue and lips and she got rougher. I stopped moving my tongue and just held opened my mouth. She grabbed my head and pressed herself onto me, and fucked my face. I noticed how my clit was pulsating and if my gf wouldn’t need some breaks herself to stop herself from cumming, I would cum without any touch or penetration. Even though I like to face fuck her, this again showed me that I like to be dominated more because I didn’t want it to end. I was moaning onto her. I edged her until she told me that she is not gonna last long anymore. I flipped my body so that we were laying in a 69 position. I lifted my leg and closed her legs around my face. We ate each other and came at the same time.

Definitely going to ask her to do this again.

NSFW: yes

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