I got creampied hard and i loved it! [24F]

This was about five months ago. I was an air hostess back then, and there was a handsome, charming guy that was a frequent flyer on my route, and he flirted with me a lot. I’d get back at him too, and then my crew started hyping us up as well. One day, he left a note on his seat for me, and he had asked me to join for a dinner that night. Given that my whole crew knew about it and how they encouraged me, I couldn’t stand him up, and honestly, neither did I want to, even though I had noticed a ring on his finger many times. It didn’t stop me while flirting, and it wasn’t going to stop me now either, given that we were halfway across the globe from his wife.

Anyways, we get to the restaurant. I am wearing a black and red button-up collared skater dress that quite resembles a cabin crew outfit, and he is in a steel grey suit, looking sharp as ever. We talk, eat, drink and flirt. Cut to the chase, now we are in a luxurious hotel room that he had booked, making out on the floor. Now all of a sudden, he stops when he’s on top of me and we get all sensual now, looking into each other’s eyes seriously. “You want it so deep, don’t you”, he says, and goes ahead with driving one hand up-skirt, and another caressing my lips. I can not speak anything, words have stopped forming in my mind. His hand is making its way inside my panties, and he can feel the wetness that has been forming ever since I put on that slutty dress. “So fucking wet, goodness”, he continues with it, and slowly has my pelvis exposed to the cold air. He continues playing a bit, and then pulls out his dick by dropping his pants a bit. He is so fucking willing to penetrate that I don’t even get a good view or touch of it, although it does look big and girthy, over 7 inches at least. I get a better feel of it when he finally strokes it around on my thighs, ugh so fucking arousing he is. He pushes my thin black panties apart, and starts fucking. It hurts a little in the beginning, but all better nothing that a few moments of rhythmic thrusting can not fix. Our eyes finally meet, mine are concerned, with my hands clamping hard on his shoulders. My senses soon overload, and I end up gushing it all out, ruining my panties and the underside of my dress. “Such a whore”, he says. Little did he knew that I hadn’t had sex in last 10 months. And little did I knew that he hadn’t had sex in last one and a half years. Soon after, he explodes inside me with a enormous load. “Beautiful girl”, he lets out, and kisses me. After he pulls out, he rolls off of me. I try and feel the situation down there with my fingers, and it is a mess. His sticky load is oozing out. I scoop a bit on my finger, and teasingly lick it in front of him. “You’re a slut, aren’t you”, he asks. I just smile.

NSFW: yes

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