I got Cream pied in camping tent! [26F] – Short Sex Story

I went camping for my 5th time by myself. Which is definitely an achievement when you are a petite female. Well this time did not go quite as planned.. But was enjoyed 😈

I sat up camp which was thankfully close to a shower/bath house. The downside was it was super close, like anyone can walk up on your camp close…

I walked into my tent to get ready to go swimming, as I began to undress I felt watched. I go to turn towards my door and there is a man standing there with noticeably large bulge..I screamed at first startled by his presence but I managed to ask “can I help you?” . To which he replied “in fact yea, you can”. I asked him how so and he said by letting me watch you undress. My face blushed red, I could feel the heat radiating off my cheeks. Although i was kinda turned on because i have at all times fantasized about being fucked by a stranger.. I agreed to let him into my tent.

He sat down on my air matress as i shuffled stuff around to get as comfortable as i could in this situation. He kept telling me that i didn’t need to be nervous he wouldn’t tell anyone about this. I started to take off my shirt by slowy sliding my hands up my body slipping it off..i ran my fingers over my breasts trying to keep my hands busy. I eventually worked my shorts down around my ankles. I could the pleasure in his eyes but it something seem off. The next thing i know I’m pushed to be matress with my ass in the air. I must confess I was dripping wet from stripping infront of a stranger. He had my hands by my back with one of his hands.

I felt him release his cock from his shorts and then press it against me. He asked me if i like how it felt and I admittedly said yes. After that he shoved his hard cock inside of my wet pussy and pounded me until i screamed. He grabbed on to my tiny waist and slammed me back onto his throbbing cock. I tried to yell out again but no sound was heard. He filled my pussy up and left my tent. I didn’t get his name or anything. Best fuck yet.

NSFW: yes

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