I got absolutely pounded and my mom totally knew

Hi all. Writing this while listening to loud music to distract me. I’m an 18 year old school freshman and I’m not going to lie I’m a pretty big whore. Obviously there’s something wrong but I can’t stop. Almost every week I’m sleeping with random guys I meet online and it’s gotten out of hand. I live at home and my mom is so skeptical of me just leaving the house and gonna some random guys place to get pounded out. Last Saturday I was chatting with a guy from Reddit who lived an hour out of town. He was absolutely stunning and we were exchanging information and stories about our lives for weeks on end. I happen to be a sociology major and so did he! We started discussing how he could help me on my next exam and see if he could help me prepare a study guide for my life term before spring break. I was absolutely ecstatic, although he was older I was jumping at the idea of seeing this man. As an Asian my mom is very strict and I only leave the house when she’s busy or she’s asleep. This time I couldn’t withstand the urge so I just left at 3 in the afternoon and drove the long way there the whole time thinking about everything but studying with this guy. It was inevitable what were gonna do and I couldn’t wait. I arrived and he opened my at door and gave me a massive hug. He was better looking in person and I was so happy . We begin talking about sociology and writing study guides on a shared Google docs. I then gave him a look and he gave me the sex eyes. We started kissing and then wasted no time. I got on his hard cock and started moving my hips and feeling him deep inside me. He fucked me so hard it wasn’t even funny. I then had to leave to get home to my mom and once I entered the front door limping my mom shook her head and went to her room. So embarrassed.

NSFW: yes

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