I fucked my Jealous friend M21 sex with F21

I finally had enough

Every single time I see her, I’m angry with jealousy, how could she walk around knowing how gorgeous she was but never claim any man or woman for her own. I’m 21M and had this friend, she was stunning sexy and intelligent. She was the only one that could challenge me intellectually to truly make me question my self, my beliefs and why I truly was who I was.

One day the feeling of loneliness started to hit and I decided to fuck it make a tinder user account, I started to swipe over and over getting no matches . Thinking to myself an I truly that ugly that I can not get any matches, and the girls I was matching with were just not ones I found attractive, I was angry frustrated even.

But I hit my boiling point when I saw her on it, I saw her and I was furious, how could she lower herself down to come to tinder when clearly she could get any one she wanted. I stormed out of my dorm room and went over to her dorm to confront her about it. She opened the door and I come in furious. I say to her “why the fuck do you have a tinder account” she responds “none of your business asshole”. I say to her Abby you are sexy, intelligent and have a great personality, don’t let these pretty boys who only want to fuck think they deserve you

She says to me ” well maybe that’s all I deserve”. I look her dead in her eyes and say you are great and should at all times have greatness besides you. With tears forming in her eyes she grabs my face and kisses me. I pull away in shock but we then begin kissing each other again, with passion, we touch each other over and over, Abby reaches and starts to grab the outside of my crotch as she whispers in my ear, fuck me like I’m greatness

I lift her up slamming her unto her bed, asking her if it’s okay to do this she gives me a yes and I begin to go down on her giving her the time of her life, she reaches over to grab my hair as she pulls my head and my hair into her and she convulses over and over and over again. I come up for air but she pushes me back down telling me to finish the job, and like a good friend I complied and begin to eat her out faster and faster. She said to me I want you to fuck me and fuck me like I am fucking amazing

I take a step back and and slowly pull down my pants so that when my cock is revealed, it bounces. She looked at it with a sight of aww and delight. She signal with her finger for me to come here. Before I entered her I gently kissed her on the lips then her neck then her boobs then her stomach untill finally I took her legs pushed then all the way to her head and then entered, I began to slowly push into her as I could see her jaw open wide. I decided to first go slowly not to give her more than she couldn’t handle.

But she said something that irritated me, she said ” is that all you got” ?, I looked angry and then said give me the ok and il show you what I can do, she than said give me your worst.

I then began to thrust all of my cock into her, so much so I could feel her breaths skipping, I went medium speed but I could see the feelings were getting very good for her so I speed it up, and kept going faster and faster and faster until I saw her eyes starting to roll in the back of her head. I knew I had found the right pace and kept it at that speed for sometime, until she started to grab unto me and pulling me in closer. I could feel myself coming and she said the same

She said I want to feel you inside of me, don’t stop fucking me, I looked her in her eyes and say to her you know I’m not going to fucking stop until you drop. She started to cum and after she came I the said holy fuck I’m about to cum she said cum in me, I kept going and going and going until I finally exploded into her, we both collapsed unto the bed with my and her cum dripping out of her

We both laughed and said, wow, I didn’t know you were such a good fuck. Abby said to me I think that tinder thing did work. What is the saying wrong timing but right conclusion, well I guess something worked out for me

We cleaned ourselves up and she said to me, please stay and let’s sleep together, so that’s what we did, we slept together through the night. Hell I even had a dream of us, not fucking but just getting coffee

NSFW: yes

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