I fucked my GF (18) infront of her friends

I fucked my girlfriend infront of her friends as they all got off watching us [MF]

This is definitely the wildest story I have, but also the most confusing for me to piece together in places as it was the most drunk I’ve been in my life. A lot of the info I had told to me from my girlfriend the day after.

I’m gonna include some backstory again, check my last story for descriptions on myself and my girlfriend.

This was very early on in our relationship, and it starts the first time I met Mary’s friends. It was Friday and I finished work and got on the train to a city near where I live. I met Mary and her friends in a McDonald’s and was incredibly nervous. Her friends meant everything to her, almost like a family and if they didn’t approve of me it would have made things awkward. So I was doing my best to impress and get through all the awkward social norms. The night went well, we all got the train back to my town and that was that. However as we were saying goodbye, one of Mary’s friends, let call him Jack, invited me to a party/gathering at his house the next weekend. Obviously I accepted and that was the begin of the craziest night of my life.

Fast forward a week, its Saturday and I’m travelling with Mary to her friends house. We get there at about 6 and there’s a few people already there. Jack, the host for the evening. Jack was very good looking, skinny skater vibe, oversized tees that kinda thing reasonably tall, maybe just under 6ft. Maddy, she was tall for a girl, like 5 ft 10 maybe, very skinny, she had obviously suffered with acne through puberty but her scars weren’t too bad, she was reasonably attractive but had a very nice set of tits. Probably C’s or D’s. Next up there was Harry, he was very flamboyant, easy to talk to, he was the comedian of the group, reasonably attractive but his fashion sense was just weird and he was openly bi too. The last person already at the party was Emily. Emily was unbelievably fit. Despite having a girlfriend at the time, she was the attractive one of the friend group. Very small, like 5ft 2 maybe, B cup breasts and at all times smiling, long brown hair and just a 10/10.

2 people turned up later, they were a couple. Charlie and Emma, they were both chubby, both small, they practically didn’t ever leave each others side and not really that involved in the story.

I’m normally a beer drinker, but Jack had bought vodka and mixers for the evening. This was actually my first time drinking vodka so I let people make my first few drinks for me, and the night went on. Dancing, singing, chatting, at this point its about 11 and everyone is now drunk. I wondered I felt OK, and decided to pour myself my first self made drink of the night. I was not sure at all how much vodka to use, and filled my glass about 60% full with 40% lemonade. Harry then decided we should take a break from the dancing and singing, sit down and play some drinking games. I sat down with my glass of vodka with a hint of lemonade and we played some games. It wasn’t long until my drink was gone and I was starting to really feel it.

Mary and maddy got up to go to the toilet together as girls do, the toilet door was visible from where we were all sat and when Mary got to the door she called me over to “help” her. I stumbled across the room and joined her at the door. She caught me and we starting kissing, maddy was inside the toilet peeing and left the door slightly open, Mary fell back into the door and we crashed into the toilet in each others arms. I looked up and noticed maddy sitting there, on the toilet nude from the waist down. She had her legs together so I couldn’t see anything, she looked embarrassed. As me and Mary apologised, she had finished and stood up, I saw what looked like a neat little landing strip above her pussy before she pulled her underwear and trousers up.

Mary then sat down and started to pee. She however didn’t keep her legs shut, she told me that all the girls in the friend group had seen each other naked (non sexually) at one point or another. So Mary didn’t care, we chatted about something or other until Mary was done. She got up and went to walk back to the group with maddy, I said I would catch them up as I also needed to piss. I turned around and starting pissing standing up. I remember missing badly initially and hitting the seat. This prompted Mary to come back and peek around me.

“So thats how guys do it” she said with some enthusiasm in her voice. The next thing I know, maddy is slyly peering over my other shoulder getting a look. Mary gave maddy a friendly punch on the arm and said something along the lines of “stop perving on my boyfriend”. Maddy apologised and said she just wanted to see what it was like when a guy peed too. Mary didn’t really mind (neither did I) and I finished up and we got back to the rest of the group.

When we got back Charlie and Emma had gone upstairs, obviously to had sex so it was just the 6 of us left. Harry was the natural leader of the group, deciding what game we would play next. He said we should play truth or dare, everyone groaned “we all know everything about everyone” someone said. Harry replied saying that they didn’t know much about me, and everyone else could just do dares. Everyone agreed and we started playing.

Now this bit I cannot remember so well, my last drink had set in and I was very very drunk. Based off what Mary told me the next day, it was pretty tame for a little while, the truths I was being asked weren’t that exciting and the most difficult dare was Emily had to prank call her ex.

It got back around to me and Mary had decided I had answered enough truths and It was time I did a dare, I’m not sure who it was, but it was decided I had to “accidently” walk in on Charlie and Emma who had gone upstairs. The alcohol must have given me a new form of confidence I’ve never had because I did it. I went upstairs and “accidently” walked in on Charlie and Emma. When I opened the door, the bed was directly in front of me, Charlie was on his back and Emma was on her hands and knees giving him head, with her pussy aimed straight at me. They obviously jumped but I had already seen everything before they covered up. I apologised and closed the door. The group were on the stairs all trying to see, they laughed as I walked back and congratulated me. Before we got back downstairs, Mary noticed i was obviously a little excited and made an excuse for us to leave the group and go have our own fun.

We stumbled into an empty bedroom and started to undress each other. At this time, Mary wasn’t on birth control so we were using condoms. I had 3 with me, I opened the first one, Mary had jacked my off a bit to get me fully hard and I put it on. We started in missionary and from what I’m told, it was not even 15 seconds until I lost my balance and fell onto Mary, she decided I was too drunk to be on top and we moved into cowgirl, this was where Mary was at her best. She was unbelievable on top, I at all times got a great sight of her tits and she could move her hips in the most amazing methods. However the movement on me and around my stomach got me feeling very sick. After about 5 minutes I threw Mary off me and ran to the upstairs bathroom. I was sick in the toilet and a bit on the floor. I obviously made a lot of noise because the next thing I knew, everyone was at the door looking in to see if I was OK. I was huddled over the toilet, completely naked, rock hard with a condom still on. Mary had thrown on her underwear and shuffled through the pack to rub me on the back. I threw up a few more times and we both cleaned up, finally put on some boxers and we went back down stairs.

I noticed that it wasn’t just me and Mary in our underwear anymore, the 4 left playing truth or dare had obviously kept playing and were getting undressed. Jack was in his underwear with his oversized tee on. Harry was in just his underwear, he was wearing a very tight pair of briefs. Maddy still had her top on but no trousers and Emily was just in a sexy blue lace underwear set. We sat around in a circle and my head was really spinning. I remember Mary walking over to me with a glass of water “Drink this and see if you feel any better” which I did so and we all sat and talked for a bit.

I was too focused on not being sick again to really take part in the conversation, but I all of a sudden realised that Maddy was talking about me. I’m not sure how the conversation got there but she was saying how shocked she was to see the difference in size of a penis from when I was peeing to when I was fully in the bathroom. Mary said I blushed and got really awkward, and she whispered to me that maddy was still and virgin and had little to no experience with guys.

Harry took control of the conversation again. He said that Jack and Maddy should take off their tops so then everyone was equally naked and everyone agreed. Jack didn’t even hesitate and maddy wondered about it before agreeing, she eventually took off her top and was very red in the face once she put it down. Mary cuddled up to me and we started kissing, I was obviously oblivious of the half naked audience as I started feeling Mary up and down and unclipped her bra. She stopped kissing me and laughed, catching her bra before it fell down.

“What are you doing” she said mischievously “not with everyone here”. I realised what I had done, and went red.

“Hey Mary, I will if you will” Emily said with her hands behind her back ready to take off her bra.

“Really? With the boys here?” Mary replied, she looked at me for some sort of approval. I shrugged my shoulders, I found it sort of hot, plus I would get to see Emily’s tits too.

“I’ll go first” Emily said and her bra dropped down. Her tits were unsurprisingly perfect, they suited her body and sat very perkily with puffy pink nipples.

“Fine” Mary said as she also lowered her bra.

“I don’t think I want to guys” maddy said sheepishly, “I’ll just stay like this”.

The 2 sets of boobs got me and the other 2 guys a little excited, all of us sat a bit more upright. Mary leaned in to kiss me again, and starting rubbing me over the top of my underwear.

“This is really turning me on” she whispered in my ear “I’m still horny from earlier too”

This plus the rubbing got me very hard again. It wasn’t easy to hide now and I’m pretty sure everyone was watching us

“OK, ok you two. Get a room” Harry said trying to take control of the conversation again.

“Hey, I’m not complaining” Emily replied, she was now using her arm as a bra and covering her tits.

“Yeah I’m not feeling great and think I’m going to go to bed anyway” Jack inputted and stood up, he clearly had a semi and tried to cover it and he walked upstairs to his room.

Emily leant into the group as Jack left “Omg did you see his bulge? We clearly turned him on mary”

“Really? Do you think so? Harry have we turned you on?” Mary replied.

“Well yeah a little, its not everyday you see 2 pairs of tits and a cock within half an hour” he moved his hand from his lap and revealed a lump in his briefs.

The three girls giggled, Emily lowered her arm and starting teasing him. Me and Mary starting making out again and this time she put her hand under my underwear and wrapped her hand around me. She stopped kissing me and looked at me directly in the eyes, she had really deep brown eyes I could just get lost in. There was a hint of playfulness in her eye when she smiled and pulled my cock out above my pants for everyone to see. Everyone went quiet as Mary laughed and I sheepishly tied to hide.

“Don’t hide it” she whispered to me, “I want them to see” she started slowly stroking me, I didn’t have the nerve to turn and look at the group. Instead I just leant in and kissed Mary. My head was spinning at this point from the alcohol and the craziness of the situation.

Fuck this” Harry said, me and Mary stopped kissing and both turned and saw Harry pull his briefs down. “I’m suffocating in there” he said. “I’m not going to do anything funny, I just need some freedom” he threw his briefs away and hide his bones behind his hands.

Emily responded “you can do whatever you like, I don’t think anyone will judge” I looked over to see her with one hand over her tit and the other over her panties, it looked like she was subtly rubbing herself.

Mary was still stroking me throughout this whole scene, seeing Emily rub herself prompted me to begin rubbing Mary. “Finally” she joked. We started kissing again playing with each other. Harry wasn’t very subtle as he also started stroking himself. I pushed Mary over onto her back and slid off her panties. As I did so I saw Emily following suit from the corner of my eye. I also peered over at maddy who was still sat in her underwear just watching everybody in shock.

I started kissing Mary on her stomach, slowly making my way down to her bush, I kissed her inner thighs and eventually got to her clit. I slipped in a couple of fingers and started doing all I could to make her cum. After a couple of minutes, she patted me on the head which was normally her signal that she was done. She sat up and said “I don’t want to cum before you fuck me”

“The condoms are upstairs” I replied. Mary got up and ran to get them. I sat up and rolled over onto my back, Harry was now looking right at my cock whilst getting off, I wasn’t sure how this made me feel as a straight guy, but I didn’t try and hide it. I looked over at Emily who was playing with herself, she smiled at me and opened her legs for me to see. She has two fingers inside herself with her her other hand rubbing her clit. She laughed as I got caught in a trance watching her.

I all of a sudden noticed that maddy had shuffled closer to where me and Mary were, she was looking at my cock with wide eyes. “I don’t mind if you want a closer look” I said. She looked at me and blushed “oh, I – I didn’t mean to, its ok” she stammered.

Emily got up and grabbed maddy by the hand and sat down next to me. “Cmon madds” Emily said “just have a look, he said you could” I wasn’t fully erect at this point as I had just spent 5 minutes down on Mary.

“You can take this off now” Emily said and she took of Maddies bra. Maddy didn’t fight her, but got even redder in the face. “We need to get him ready for when Mary gets back” Emily joked. At this point I wasn’t sure if they weregoing to touch me or not. It wasn’t something I had spoken to Mary about and I didn’t want to push any boundaries. “You can look but don’t touch” I said. “At least not while Mary isn’t here”

And like that Mary came down the stairs, she walked in and saw the girls closer to me with maddy now topless “I never thought you’d loosen up Madds” Mary said. She seemed fine with the new seating plan. “We wanted to get him ready for you Mary” Emily said.

“I’m sure he would have liked that, but I can take it from here thanks” Mary replied. She grabbed my cock and starting getting me hard again, kissing me and running her other hand over my shoulders tickling me. It didn’t take long for me to be ready to go.

She opened the condom packet and rolled it down my cock. “There we are” she said playfully. She laid me down and got into the cowgirl position we were in before I interrupted us last time.

She positioned herself so my legs were pointing towards our crowd and so was her ass. She started slowly, before speeding up, putting on a show. I got close very quickly and had to stop her before I came. I motioned for her to dismount and got her into doggy, facing the crowd. It had been a while since I had seen our viewers as Mary was blocking them with her body before.

I got onto my knees, looked down, lined myself up and pushed into Mary. I looked up to see what state the audience was in. On the left, Harry was on the floor, sat up against the sofa, he wasn’t jacking off anymore, so I assume he must have cum when me and Mary were in cowgirl. To my right was Emily, she was lying down, legs spread gonna town on herself. This was the best look at her I had all night. She was rubbing her tits with one hand, and viggoursly fingering herself with the other. I noticed she had a trimmed bush like Mary above her vagina. Then in the middle was maddy. She still had her panties on, but there was a very obvious wet patch, I assume she must have been rubbing herself at some point.

I was getting faster with Mary, getting deeper with every thrust, I could hear her moaning as went to town. She reached back with one hand and starting rubbing her clit as I fucked her. It didn’t take long for us both to get close.

“For fuck sake madds” Mary said “Are you really not going to cum with all of us?”

Maddy looked around sheepishly, everyone looked back. I slowed down and listened.

“I, maybe, I don’t know” maddy said.
Mary crawled forward pulling herself away from me an me towards maddy.

“Here” Mary said as she pulled down maddys panties. Maddy kept her legs firmly closed but didn’t stop Mary from what she was doing.

Harry and Emily cheered as Maddy was finally naked. I took off my condom and starting jacking off looking at maddy. I caught her eye before she looked down and watched me, she put her hand between her legs and started playing with herself. This prompted another cheer from everybody. Mary crawled back over to me. Stood me up as she got to her knees and starting sucking my cock. Emily got back to company, and even Harry was ready for round 2. I however was seconds away from cumming. I told Mary and she told me to aim for her tits. She stopped sucking me and used her hand to finish me off.

I came all over her body, covering her tits and stomach. I fell to the floor and Mary laid on top of me and kissed me. Transferring my cum between our bodies. We laid there and heard Emily orgasm not long after. This was shortly followed by Harry who came on his own chest. And finally, we all watched as Mary finished. She kept herself quiet, smothering her own moans and let out a big sigh as she finished and sat up.

In her O state, she finally loosened up and opened her legs for the first time. I finally got a glimpse of her pussy, I saw her landing strip above her very neat and tidy cunt. Gleaming with her own cum that she’d spread around it.

Mary and me just looked at each other and smiled. The five of us passed out in the lounge, all covered in our own cum and didn’t move until morning.

There was a little bit that happened the next day which I might write about another time. I hope you guys enjoyed!

NSFW: yes

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  1. BirdInTheHand22

    That is very well written story. And incredibly hot 🔥🔥🔥. It sounds like it may be a true account, so I’m going to choose to believe it 😊

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