I fucked an older man after our lousy date [26F]

I met a man who played guitar in a local band. I’d been to this bands shows before and knew most of the members, but he was the reserved type who disappeared after the show. When we officially met, he looked mesmerized by me. I’m not gonna lie, I was very flattered. He was in his late 40s. He asked if I wanted to go out sometime. I said yes.

Fast forward to our date. I wore something very sexy and slutty and put a buttplug in. I went to the pub we agreed to meet at. I shit you not this man was 45 minutes late. I finished a glass of wine before he arrived. I would have left but he texted to tell me he was coming. Maybe I should have left anyway, but I was extremely horny. Finally, he arrived, gave me a quick “sorry about that,” then ordered food. The date was supposed to be drinks, not dinner, but I figured maybe he had a long day. He didn’t explain himself and I couldn’t bother to be mad. I didn’t want to go home and masturbate again.

He talked the whole time. I could barely get a few words in before he interrupted to correct or speak over me. I just wondered, whatever, let him talk, who cares? Then I spaced out for most of it.

He finished eating, had a glass of wine, I think I was on my third, and he asked if I wanted to leave. I got excited. I did feel a little cheap, lol. He had no class. But then, I was dressed the way I was, both on the day he met me and the day of our date, it occurred to me that I wasn’t dressed in a way that encouraged classy treatment… I said yes.

We didn’t say much after that. We took a taxi back to his place. He had the most disgusting apartment I’d ever seen. There was far too much clutter and dust.

I let him take the lead, as he had for the dinner portion of the night. He wanted to show off his guitar skills. I was losing my patience, but I let him serenade me in the middle of the junk desert he called home because it was somewhat sweet. We drank another glass of wine or two.

Then, finally, FINALLY, I got the queue that he was ready. I got up and pulled the top part of my dress down to my waist. He groped, licked, kissed, and sucked on my tits for a while, before he even kissed my lips. He came up and kissed my lips a few times but he was concentrated on my tits, which I at all times enjoy.

After maybe two minutes of that, I gently pushed him away and motioned him to pull his pants down while I got on my knees on the hard wood floor. I love this part, I give great blowjobs and I love when I suck a man’s cock for the first time, the looks and moans of surprise when I exceed their expectations. I just enjoy it, and I enjoy men enjoying me. It’s a happy cycle. So I did my thing: slow and deep at first, building up to practically fucking my own throat with his cock. I pulled back to breathe and continued to jerk him off, my chin covered in my saliva and his precum.

He gently took me by my arms and pulled me up, taking me to his bed. He got in bed and laid down. I took my dress off. He saw that I hadn’t been wearing underwear under it. I still remember the little moan he let out upon this discovery. I got into bed and continued sucking his cock with my ass in the air. He leaned over and grabbed a condom and gave it to me. I took my time putting it on, half-hoping he would change his mind and fuck me without it. But eventually I did, and he sat up.

We started making out and he finally reached his hand down to my soaking wet pussy. As men at all times do when I’m already this wet, he got extremely excited. Then he felt something odd, I could see he was confused for a second. He had found my buttplug. He laughed with delight and played around with it a bit. This made me squirm. He hadn’t pulled it out, but thrust it in deeper a few times. This made me more wet.

He turned me around and bent me over and immediately started pounding me. I fucking love when men do this. I love that little bit of pain with the pleasure. Anyway, he roughly fucked me doggy for a while longer. Then, he slowed down, continued to fuck me doggy while leaning over and rubbing my clit. I came.

He lied down on his back and I got on top and started to ride him. I felt him getting bored so I started bouncing instead. I’ve never fucked a guy who didn’t enjoy that. It worked, he was getting really hard again and grabbing me tight by the waist. I love that feeling and continued to bounce on his cock.

Then he kind of pulled me down and laid me on my side. I lifted up my leg, he laid down behind me and entered me again and fucked me good and deep. I was in a state of bliss. My pussy was finally calming down, finally got what she needed. After a while of that, of him fucking me while grabbing my bouncing tits and kissing them, then wrapping his arms around my waist, fucking me faster and faster… he came. He took off the condom right before and the cum landed on himself and the bed. I turned my body around, gave him a kiss, and said, next time you do that, I want you to cum on me instead.

We went to sleep after that. I saw him a bunch more times before I ended it.

NSFW: yes

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