I fucked a guy I just met on my couch [26F]

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NSFW: yes

You would never guess, but I am actually extremely shy around people I don’t know. Especially when the topic of sex comes up.

I was 18 and just moved into my roommate Stacey’s apartment. We had met a few times before, but she was more a friend of a friend rather than a “friend”. I met her boyfriend Ron early on and you can read more about the fun night the three of us had in my other posts. Long story short, we get along great. That’s good for many reasons, but a big one is that I moved a little way away from home so most of my current friend group is hers.

Ron, Stacey and I had just got done smoking when someone knocked on the door and then walked in on their own. The guy was tall and black and, he looked around Ron’s age. I noticed right away that he was a good dresser. He had a gorgeous smile, but the first thing I noticed was his arms threatening to burst his shirt sleeves. It actually startled me a bit because I wasn’t expecting anyone to be coming over, but I quickly realized it was Ron’s friend. I smiled and waved awkwardly from my big chair with too many pillows when they introduced me.

I mostly kept to myself while they talked, just pretending to watch whatever was playing on the TV. Like I said I’m pretty shy, and to top it off I was only wearing hang-out clothes. A big t-shirt with long socks and gym shorts.

They started smoking a blunt and the new friend, Mike, asked me if I wanted some. I nodded my head, yes, but he pulled the blunt back, telling me, “I had to come sit by him and stop being so quiet.”

The couch they were sitting on sat 3 and it was already at max occupancy, but I got up slowly and sat on the armrest next to him. He told me good job and awarded me my “prize”. All I could do was laugh. He was so cute and had one of those personalities that takes over the room. His hair was cut really short, and whatever cologne he was wearing made me fight the urge to lean in closer.

I took a hit and then Ron made a opinion about “How good I looked sucking on something long and brown. It just needed to be a bit thicker.”

I choked and coughed on the smoke and my face turned blood red. Stacey slapped Ron on the arm playfully and told him to quit, but it didn’t stop both him and Mike from dying laughing. Ron apologized and told me he was only kidding. I told him it was fine but couldn’t help but bury my face in my hands. With what we had already been through, the opinion made my head spin. Mike put a big arm around my waist and gave me a tiny hug for consolation before saying, “He’s only partly kidding.” I could have died right there.

Feeling him touch me sent a shiver through my entire body and I felt my face go flush again but for a different reason this time. He let his hand rest on my bare thigh, and I took a breath, getting a little more comfortable.

I put the blunt to my lips again, taking a long, slow pull. I fared much better the second time and tried my best to let the smoke flow from my nose and mouth as seductively as feasible. He must have liked it. His grip tightened just slightly against my thigh. “Here,” I said turning and offering the blunt back to him with a cute smile.

The conversation turned towards basketball, during which Stacey and I nodded our heads along though we had little interest. My mind was already somewhere else. After that they started talking about a party coming up and my ears perked up when I heard them mention Stacey was the only white person at their last one. “You’re invited too,” Mike said, as he smiled up at me. His hand was still on my thigh and had been lightly tracing my skin with his fingertips.

Stacey laughed, and I wasn’t sure how to read it. “Of course, she’s invited,” she said.

Most of the time I enjoy small group gatherings over big wild parties, but that didn’t stop me from saying I would go. Ron clenched his teeth in a way that told me he was debating whether I actually would or was just talking tough. “I don’t know if she could hang,” Ron said, obviously teasing me.

“Oh, I think she can definitely hang,” Mike replied as he turned and eyed me up and down. Though the t-shirt was not very flattering, and my long socks covered most of my legs, he looked hungrily at my toned thighs. It was my turn to give him a playful push. When I did, he pulled me closer to him, accidentally, or maybe not, pulling me off the armrest and onto his lap. I wasn’t expecting it and there was nothing sexy about my fall. Even at 110 pounds, I worried that I hurt him.

“Oh my god I’m sorry,” I said. His eyes were closed like I just damaged an area that should only be treated nicely. I tried to stand up and let him breathe, but his winces of pain turned to laughter, and he pulled me back down onto his lap. I not so reluctantly sat back down.

Mike, still laughing, told me “If you’re sorry there are always ways you can make it up to me.” Again, my face turned a deep red and I felt a burning in my ears. Stacey made a teasing opinion about how disgusting men could be, and I could hear her eyes roll through her voice.

In truth, I’m not sure if my face turned red because I was embarrassed, or because the idea didn’t sound absolutely terrible. His arm was around my waist, pinning me gently to his firm chest. His cologne again invaded my senses and left my heart racing. I wiggled my hips just a bit. Enough to get comfortable and to determine if what I felt in his pocket was his phone, or something more interesting.

“I don’t think she fucks with back guys,” Ron said, trying his best to pile on my embarrassment. He knew firsthand this was certainly not the case.

“What?!” asked Mike. “Please tell me you aren’t racist.” The smile on his face told me he was teasing me, but that didn’t ease my embarrassment.

“I’m not racist!” I argued playfully.

“Well, there’s only one way to prove it,” Mike said with a smile. The words hung in the air like fog, nobody could see what was gonna happen next. Even the laughter stopped, but the smiles remained as the eyes in the room stared at me. When he said it, I am almost positive Mike was just joking. But the pause in my face made him curious. Would I?

Stacey broke the silence by telling them they were both ridiculous, but either by accident or on purpose, did something that escalated the situation. “Come on babe,” she said grabbing Ron’s hand pulling him off the couch towards her bedroom. Ron looked back and gave me a teasing wink and I responded with a single-fingered gesture of my own.

The silence was back. I looked into Mike’s brown eyes but couldn’t hold the stare for long. I wanted him and he knew it. His free hand made its way underneath my chin and gently guided my gaze back to his. I teasingly bit my lower lip, letting him know I had made my decision. His kiss was soft but firm. I felt almost limp in his arms as our lips met and our tongues chased each other playfully. His strong hands rested on my sides, controlling my body. I could feel my heart racing as I shifted myself into a straddling position. Instinctively my hips began to grind slowly against him, revealing a most primal desire had taken control of me.

His hands slid down my back and gripped my ass, squeezing tightly. I let a moan slip into his mouth. I let my body sink to the floor, onto my knees, and between his legs. I looked up at him longingly with my big, emerald eyes. He leaned forward and slid the t-shirt over my head, revealing my breasts beneath. My pink nipples were hard with arousal, and his fingers toyed with them as I closed my eyes and let the sensation wash over me.

More than anything I wanted to please him. I leaned forward and started working the buckle of his belt. This was all the time the most awkward part of any of my sexual encounters, but he saw me struggling and gladly offered his assistance. I giggled and gave him a flirty smile. I slid his dark jeans down and confirmed his phone had been the second hard thing in his pants. And it was not even close to being the biggest. He smiled at me as he saw my eyes widen at the sight of his thick cock.

I gently took him in my hand, grabbing its base and easily leaving room for one or maybe even two more hands. I leaned forward and his fingers began running through my hair. I teased him at first by flicking my tongue underneath his swollen head before putting him in my mouth. Only a little at first, pushing deeper and deeper with every bob of my head.

The weight of his hand rested on the back of my head, pushing him further down my throat but he was too much. I choked and gagged the second time that day. He held my head there briefly before allowing me to come up for a breath. I took satisfaction in his moans of pleasure and could feel myself getting damp between my legs. I stroked his cock, now wet with my saliva, and looked up at him pleadingly. Even the densest of men could figure out what I wanted.

He pulled me onto the couch, guiding me to the opposite armrest I had been sitting on. I was facing down the empty hallway, wondering what would happen if Stacey or Ron decided to grab something from the kitchen. This was quickly pushed from my mind as I felt my shorts slide down to my knees. My panties sticking slightly to my moist thighs. I closed my eyes and felt my body tense in anticipation.

His firm fingers pressed gently against my clit, sending a shiver of goosebumps running across my entire body. I pressed back against him, craving more. One of his fingers slid past my folds and sent a wonderful sensation rocketing to the tips of my toes and up through my spine. I moaned much louder than I meant to, but there was no stopping it. He withdrew, but pushed into me again, this time with a second finger. I felt myself stretch around him and was thankful he only began with fingers. My body loosened up, and I rested my head comfortably on my arms.

There was a pause in his movements. His fingers were removed, and it left me feeling needier than I could ever remember. I wanted him. No, it was more than that. I needed him. I felt him lightly tap the head of his cock against my clit before pushing slowly into me. The first push was unsuccessful, and I felt like he was gonna tear me, but the second was better. I felt a wetness between my legs explode on his third thrust and an orgasm swept over my body like a wave crashing onto the beach. I was his, and he knew it.

He let me enjoy my moment, but not a second longer than necessary and he began thrusting deeper and deeper. I could feel him in every inch of my body. His tempo began to speed up and I felt the hot sting and loud smack of his hand on my ass. I moaned in approval which elicited another series of slaps as my toes curled at the create of my second orgasm. Stacey and Ron would have no question about what was going on in the living room now.

I could feel his thrusts becoming stronger and more desperate. A bead of sweat from his forehead dropped onto my pink ass. I heard him moan loudly and let out a grunt of satisfaction as he pulled out and exploded from the center of my back to the curve of my ass. His cum felt warm and sticky on my body, but I loved it. I wiggled my ass playfully as he stroked the rest of himself onto me.

I felt him climb off the couch, hopefully gonna get a towel. My pussy felt swollen and gaped from his huge cock, but completely satisfied. While I waited, I heard the door to Stacey’s bedroom open and she froze in the hallway when she saw me. I waved and gave her a grin from my compromised position. With a playful tisk-tisk, she went back to her room. Mike came back and wiped his cum from my back. “Well, I guess it’s official,” he said. “You’re definitely invited to the next party.”

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