I fucked 2 homeless guys after an adult theater visit [25F]

I absolutely love it! I’m very well aware of how risky my behavior is and I fully embrace the lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself. Please don’t shame me or lecture me.

I am one of eight cousins on my dad‘s side, and we live all over the US. We usually try to do a get-together once a year, either in a city that one of us lives in or a destination vacation.

Whenever I visit a new city, whether for work or pleasure, I all the time try to see if I can discover any gloryholes or adult theaters nearby. If there are, I for sure will try my hardest to go! I did a bit of research and found one about 15 minutes from my cousin’s place. After dinner with my cousins, I lied and told them that I had a friend in that city that I wanted to visit, so I borrowed my cousin’s car and headed out… to the adult theater.

I got to the parking lot of the adult theater and parked the car. I quickly downed a couple shots of tequila and smoked a joint, then sat in the car and waited for them to hit. After I started feeling a bit tipsy and high, I made my way inside. It was my first time coming to this adult theater, and it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t too busy but maybe that was because it was close to the holidays? Anyway, I went in and did my thing. I don’t exactly remember how many guys I sucked and fucked while there, but I swallowed 3 loads and took somewhere between 3-5 creampie loads in my pussy from random guys that were present. It was a pretty slow day compared to my visits to other adult theaters but I’ll take it! If you’ve read any of my other stories, you’ll know I’m a complete cum dump and all about taking bareback creampies from anonymous strangers.

About an hour in, I was beginning to get the munchies and one of my cousins texted me to check up on me. I decided it was a good time to leave so I pulled back on my clothes and went back to the car. I saw a McDonald’s not too far away and decided to walk over for some chicken nuggies. The walk wasn’t too far but I was definitely feeling the alcohol and the weed was hitting. While walking pass an alleyway,I got cat called by two homeless guys standing outside their tents behind a building. I have no idea what came over me, but I’ve never let a homeless guy fuck me before and I wanted to try it.

I walked over and chatted a bit. They weren’t super gross or smelly, so I figured why not. They had zero game but I played along, tbh I just wanted more dick. I told them no oral or anything else, all they could do was fuck me and that’s it. They agreed and I bent over next to the wall and let them both fuck me and finish inside me. It was over pretty quick, probably about 5 minutes total between the 2 of them lol. Afterwards, I pulled my leggings back up, thanked them, and kept walking towards the McDonald’s. I bought a 10 piece chicken nuggets and iced tea for myself, then two 20 piece and cokes for them. It’s Christmas and I was feeling nice! I walked back towards my car, gave them the food and drinks, then ate my own in the car and drove back to my cousin’s house.

This was my first time ever fucking a homeless person, and probably my last. I currently have a UTI infection, and I’m not sure but it’s probably from the homeless guys. I’ve had UTI infections before and it’s all the time been from unsanitary situations. I don’t regret anything, I love being a slut and I’ll try anything once but no more lol.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday season! I feel awful for the people that got affected by the Southwest airlines shit show, including some of my cousins 😕

NSFW: yes

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