I found myself squirting all over my friend’s face while he was going down on me..

My long time friend and I was out one Friday night for a party. We both got really drunk and our phones had no battery left to be able to call an Uber. Since his place was 15 minutes away from where we were partying and mine was like an hour away, he decided to just invite me over to his place to make sure I’m safe and don’t get in trouble on my way home.

When we got to his place, he told me I could sleep in his bed and he will just take the couch. He tucked me in his bed and gave good night kiss on the forehead but….. things started to slowly evolve into more. We were too tipsy to think straight and we started to make out. He took my dress and started to suck on my nipples. Even though it felt really amazing, a part of me was still a bit unsure if making out with my long time friend was a good idea. When he slowly started going down on me and sucking and licking my pussy, I was shocked by how well he knew how to please a woman. His tongue movements got faster and faster and faster until I let out a long moan and came.

I found myself squirting all over his face and his face was fully covered in my squirt and I felt so embarrassed. He shockingly looked at me and asked: “where did you learn how to squirt?! “ then he laughed and smirked and told me he loved it. He went down on me again and we ended up fucking all night. It was really good but to this day I am still embarrassed of what happened that night .

NSFW: yes

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