I finally fucked my old high college economics teacher

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F-25 I finally fucked my old high college economics teacher

Earlier this week, my economics teacher managed to reach out to me to ask how I was doing. I was of course his favourite student and all the time excelled well in his classes aha, so I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to see how I was doing. Part of the reason why I did so well in his class was because I was extremely attracted to him and all the time wanted to make him proud. After we spent almost an hour catching up, he asked whether I could go back to college to give a talk about investment banking and motivate the students. I was thrilled with the idea and agreed to give the talk. I wondered it would be nice to see him and catch up more in person, so I asked him out for a coffee. He was more than happy to accept the invitation for which he invited me to his home. For some reason, he wanted to make it clear that his wife was away and we would have the house to ourselves. I didn’t give much wondered to this at the time and was just excited to see him. So the other day, I met up with him. We sat down on the sofa and talked endlessly for hours. He was so thrilled to hear about all the progress I made after college. It made me feel really good that he was proud of all my accomplishments. It felt as if now he saw me as this grown-up independent woman and no longer this little high-school girl. Amid our conversation, I was reminded about the gigantic crush I had on him. After all these years, he looked even better than before. He still possessed the same elegance, and charm and his intelligence was really attractive. I purposely drew closer to him on the sofa and slyly asked him about his wife not being here and he happily confirmed saying that she was away for work. I didn’t want to go home with any regrets, so I started to unbutton my blouse while staring at him. He didn’t speak a word and just sat there as I unveiled my see-through bra. He put his hand on one of my breasts and squeezed it. I smiled in response and proceeded to lift up my skirt. I told him to take off his trousers and he didn’t hesitate. I could see how hard he was through his clothes. I took out his cock and was ready to take every inch in. I slid my panties to the side so that his cock could access me. I rubbed the tip of his cock against my clit and panted heavily. He held me by the waist and pushed me down. I told him that I wanted him to wait, I wanted to take my time with him. So I kept teasing him and rubbing his cock against my me. I was drenching his cock with my juices. He couldn’t wait anymore and stuck his cock inside of me. I found it really hot that he took control. He continued to hold me by the waist and bounced me up and down his cock. It was telling that he wasn’t getting as much pleasure at home as he bounced me up and down so hard. I placed my hands on his shoulders and gripped him tightly as his cock was so deep. After all these years, I finally had my pussy wrapped around his cock. It didn’t take long until he laid me down, pulled out and sprayed his big load all over me.

We cleaned up and I thanked him for having me around. I am now definitely ready to give the talk, next week.

NSFW: yes

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