I feel guilty for having sex/hooking up with Muslim girls


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I’ve been with a number of women for casual sex/hookups throughout my school years and honestly all these experiences were great and memorable however I often feel guilty about hooking up with girls from a Muslim background. I’ve never blindly pumped and dumped anyone and all the time chatted and got to know a little about a girl before or after having sex with her and I’ve fooled around with multiple freshmen women who were from Muslim origins (obviously they weren’t practicing) and most of the time they’d be repressed virgins as they already came from a strict upbringing and then when they went to school they let loose a little. They’re honestly the freakiest and kinkiest girls despite being so inexperienced they’re eager to explore which is what I love about them. What I noticed is Muslim girls in their mid-late 20s are less likely to participate in casual sex since by that time they’re already looking for marriage and so it’s usually girls in range of late teens-early 20s that are okay with that sort of fun. I honestly enjoyed having sex with them but I also felt really guilty afterwards since I know now they’d be slutshamed or even persecuted since in their culture a woman being a virgin is very essential especially for marriage and some people still think a woman not bleeding on marriage might means she isn’t virgin (not necessarily true) .

Recently one of my FWB from last year who was an international student from Morocco and lost her v card to me messaged me again on instagram telling me she’s recently gotten married so I congratulated her and wished her the best. She did make some jokes about her husband being inexperienced and virgin so it got me thinking about some posts I read before on Reddit and other forums of how some Muslim women in same situation ended up having their marriages destroyed when their past came into light. One of the post I remember was on Reddit from a Muslim woman who’s husband wondered she was virgin like him but found out she hooked up with a guy in school from a BJ video he found on her phone. This happened years after their marriage when she was pregnant with his child and he still had no regard for her and verbally abused her and threatened to beat and divorce her saying he wishes she would miscarry and ruined her image in front of her family/friends from her culture and all the families connected to her by calling them and showing them the video of her he came across. I’ve read other similar stories of the same nature from Muslim women so it scares me and makes me feel guilty knowing a woman I’m enjoying myself with today could have her entire life ruined in the future in case her insecure husband finds out about her actual past.

Long story short I told my ex-FWB to be careful since I care about her and she shouldn’t be talking so openly to me after marriage like this. She said she’ll all the time remember me and the fun times we had then we wished each other well and hung up. I still often discover myself looking at old videos of us to remember good times we had but I know for sure I won’t be contacting her again for the sake of her own safety. I know they could still understand through other means but I do my best to minimize that from happening and protect these Muslim women’s dignity and honour. They too deserve to enjoy their youth without judgement.

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